Thursday, January 26, 2012

Climbing Ladders With No Rungs and Turning Tables

being covered here: California colleges enroll thousands who don't meet requirements -By Matt Krupnick -- it raises larger questions about perhaps a lack of coordination between UC and CSU in policies.
Thousands Who Don't Meet Requirements Enroll at UC, CSU Schools
The number of students admitted into UC schools who don't meet minimum requirements is growing.

University Diaries on the CSU Salary Cap that includes pointing out an important private funding exception...
and check out what happened to this grad student here:
Push Me, Pull You, Arrest Me at California State University Headquarters By Joe Deegan
folks are sick of it all and it is being translated like this:
Editorial: Time for another way to run a college
UC Davis students take over vacant campus building
remember the Google coming big time to Cal

well, there is this latest on the Google - students need to think carefully about this...maybe.
Remaking on the SOTU- surprised no discussion on the passage POTUS had about on line alternatives and shortening the length of time on course completion- but the post covers many other areas.
UCSD Guardian paper is giving error messages but apparently they are covering the "secession of UCSF"...maybe their links will work later.
the rest is all the $%#@ over the place - randomness:

Angela Merkel says things are great, but-- Soros says things are/will be lousy, 2600 people pay $20,000 each to attend Davos -by invitation only- Money Honeys everywhere.

this video clip keeps nagging - fact check, fact check (like CalBuzz - not huge Erin Burnett fans).

(Charlie Rose and Zbigniew Brzezinski-- there was an exchange at the 30 minute mark on supposed market rate salaries and their impact on the future of America and capitalism-thought of UC SMG salary justifications.
why did one of the UC senior admins (Lenz?!) say at the UC Regents meeting that some govt officials said not to worry so much about drafting austerity measures/resolutions in advance?! that things/economy will pick up by Fall. Do they know something?)
Do you think it is going to get better - or are we just bracing for/constructing the next round of 'worse'?

remember we suggested a psych study on The Ladders commercials a while back? well, there is this latest confirming not far off the mark on that one.

except the Psych folks already have some serious problems understanding correct terms for actions in social justice and transparency "The study focused on “prosocial” gossip that “has the function of warning others about untrustworthy or dishonest people,” "?! -wtf - where do these folks come from- the 1950's? that is not what one would call "gossip"--in this day and age- the psych folks are wading in the fluff while this and this --using the term 'gossip' makes it more PR friendly but the whole subject reduced to silliness.

Did you know Senator Boxer and Di Fi support PIPA? (see mid page next to Thelma and Louise photo on that link) as in SOPA PIPA...
many of their colleagues came up in this 60 minutes piece - it also came up in the SOTU too...
SOTU presented to the Congress
but are representatives truly representing?
Turning Tables

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  1. yo, there's a lot of crap research out there in the social sciences world.

    Something bigger to think about is the organization NCherm, the 'ascientific' manner in which they distort research in psychology, and then use it to sell universities advice that is both authoritarian and socially destructive.

    Basically some lawyer is going around insisting he can predict student violence, and he promotes the idea that universities should turn their clin. psych. staff into part of a massive student surveillance program. He has publicly stated he is out to roll back legal rights currently enjoyed by students.

    The Cal psych. department and the Tang center should be publicly speaking out against this kind of authoritarianism, especially since its already played a roll on the Cal campus. The recent 5150 of Alex Kim would be one example. The notion - trotted out unsuccessfully in protest related student conduct hearings from 2 years ago - that students who keep to themselves (ie loaners) inherently pose a threat of violence would be another example. Also it is readily confirmed that UC-Berkeley has paid for NCherm's services, so there's no disputing that connection.

    A little googling will bring you up to speed, if you don't already know what I'm talking about. Insidehighered, Chronicle of Higher Education, and have all had multiple pieces on this organization. Yet most people are totally ignorant of what is going on, or are only cognizant of the sexual harassment law aspect of this guy's operation and don't realize that he's expanded his game into advocating ongoing monitoring of the nuances of all students' behavior on a massive scale.