Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crane knew that he would not be confirmed all along?

that is what UC Regent Bonnie Reiss just said at the regents meeting -when she was reading a declaration of UC Regent appreciation for Crane's service- and Sherry Lansing vouched Reiss' comments -'all of what she said is true'-- awkward and strange to feel compelled to vouch that statement.

if it is true -then -- why did he make himself a divisive wedge issue in a system already deeply troubled with many other challenges? for his own aggrandizement? for the press he would garner? for networking? to get his name out there statewide?
if so, why should that garner him an honorable mention from the UC regents today?
why did Reiss bring up Jerry Brown as the reason he would not gain confirmation? it had nothing to do with Brown.
Bonnie says she and David knew about this all along-someone asks under their breath- did they also know about the housekeeper too? ouch.
why did regent marcus say that it is wise for regents to enjoy twelve year appointments so that they are not part of the politics? how does that logic work? they are not anything like the SCOTUS... sounds like delusions of grandeur
Lansing says that they are captive audience at the meeting and that they can't leave-- it might have something to do with protests.. it looks like the building was surrounded and regents were given special instructions.
congratulations to Chancellor Desmond Hellman who just stated honestly that operational excellence is going to result in job loss for staff and staff are frightened. One of the few willing to straight out admit it.

What is UCSF to the UC system?
What is Hastings to the UC system? when did it begin being called UC Hastings?
What is public about UC? how is UC public? Peter Taylor ( senior UC financial admin) is going to tell us?!
a systemwide existential crisis being voiced at the end of the UC Regents meeting.
it needs to be written down for them - cuz they can't see where it was written down for them already...
and Hadi Makarechian is going to bring the entrepreneurship guidelines to lead the way...
companies we need companies to be generated and a 10% cut on their profits that flows back to UC all over the place, rake it in.
..Hadi asked if he would be paid for his work on that, Pattiz asked the lab directors why they- with all that brain power couldn't design a video game to sell to make UC money..ha ha.. was it Zettel? who asked the staff on seismic retrofits if their efforts could be turned into a profitable marketable tool to make UC $$- - Faustian.
these were the issues of the day Lansing and the regents wanted to hear instead of the student protestors. "We've spent 45 minutes listening to you!"
the corporate corruption of higher ed-- Washburn is right.

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