Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Listen: UC Regents Meeting January 18-19, 2012

Listen Here: - you can also view the agenda from that link as well. UC Regents will resume open meeting at around 3:15pm on Wednesday- you can listen when the "in progress" link is displayed. Or not- looks like they removed all events from today and will resume tomorrow morning and grace us with their presence and allow us, once again, to listen to some of the proceedings...WAIT!- they are sticking to the agenda and they are now broadcasting the comm on grounds and buildings...they just removed the event for a while and then decided to put it back up and broadcast afterall...
Questions/scribbles so far:

Regents meeting and rally to take place in Sacto in May - but it is the March UC Regents meeting that you have to keep your eye on.

Did you hear one of the students tell the regents that there should be more student regents (one for each classification)? that should be Jerry Brown's move to show an alliance with students etc.- to name students at each level to the three open UC regent positions this year. Or, even construct a faculty or staff appointment to the regent level- with those three open regent positions.

Did you hear the student who said during public comment he was suicidal over his tuition crisis last summer?

Why were there a bunch of scheduled student speakers during public comment but the majority did not show up or get to the mic?

Why did uc regent de la pena say that uc could have been sued for millions of dollars if they continued operating the student clinics the same way? what did he mean? what specifically was wrong with the operations,care? now they will be outsourcing the credential checking hr work...30% below market salaries affected care? who was in charge of this in the first place? why should we be - as yudof suggests-so grateful for de la pena volunteering hundreds of hours to fix this?-- why wasn't management managing this in the first place? is that too much to ask? they said they took it up b/c of mental health service quality concerns for students - and maybe the Tang Center incidents and other incidents also caused them to take a closer look - but why did that have to be the catalyst for fixing what sounds like some critical and basic operational failures? if the CFO (they handle other similar plans too) is taking over the student health care plans and the university is providing the health care services to the students in UC facilities - is that a good set up? is it better for parents and students to set up their own outside UC arrangements or to keep it in house as a one stop shop for the student? what are students giving up, or getting,-- in this arrangement? it is a question for staff too.

Why did chancellor white choose to talk about his problems with the minutemen rather than address diversity as an issue overall for legal Californians in his comments?

Why does the DREAM act take up most of the air on diversity issues/discussion? Would the conversation have run differently if Eddie Island was present for the meeting? Is he/ will he be satisfied with that discussion today from that committee work?

Birgeneau wants to only talk about his work to get the CA DREAM act passed- again with the focus on this issue only as it relates to the CA DREAM act-he wants a focus on the positives on diversity - cites his diverse cabinet, - but it is not enough just to meet some diversity check list - it has to be diversity and excellence- and there are plenty of folks who can fill both criteria -but they are not filling all of the spots at that Cal cabinet- some appointments are based on being friends of friends- the excellence is sadly lacking at Cal in that cabinet in some pretty obvious parts... so we can't just talk about diversity - but diversity paired with excellence --and just having a project with that word in the title does not cut it or fix it.

Let's ignore the 'glacial pace' on diversity in the SMG, Faculty this point it is not a glacial pace - it is dog whistle policy-- you know??, that dog whistle that keeps being heard by some as a result of comments currently coming out of South Carolina- that is the same dog whistle being heard when UC central admin and regents bemoan a 'glacial pace'...for decades.

do the regents realize how they sound when they say they need Eddie Island there at the meeting to articulate on this issue? do the regents realize how bad it is that it is true?

Eshelman Hall getting naughty- did you see? there also was a banner drop at the Campanile and a letter address to Yudof, and others etc distributed- you can view them here.

Did you hear how they discussed the plan to move to a shared services model -including downsizing and outsourcing a bunch of HR tasks and IT positions system-wide? the staff advisor designate voiced some of the concerns. more dog whistles.

Daily Cal reporters tweeted the Regents meeting

Why did uc regent pattiz intro the lab directors that way? embarrassing/silly/funny?

if you didn't catch this-or don't know what the &%$# the above is about/referring to- you should try to listen to an audio clip of the UC Regents meeting today if you can get your hands on an audio clip somewhere...

Did you see this on former higher ed chair CA Assemblyman Portantino?

or this latest on former UC Regent Ward Connerly?

Dylan Ratigan is in the Bay Area - talking to Stanford and Gavin (guess Newsom decided not to do Riverside today? - he talks about open primary, redistricting, and civic engagement etc.)- Dylan talking with Stanford folks about getting private money to higher ed including UC and comments on LLNL and innovation--oy--Greedy Bastards!

and the Governor gave the State of the State.

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