Thursday, January 19, 2012

Listen: UC Regents Meeting Today

Brendan Jackson UCLA has great coverage he is tweeting- including pictures. meeting will resume shortly.
Here's the link:
agenda says starting at 8:30am but they start when they want to- yesterday they started very late- and the schedule was all off from the agenda times from that point on...the final day they generally try to rush through to get out early -so...

65 people signed up for public comment- these are not quotes, but just what could be heard on the audio from UC regents meeting this morning.

Elliott Kim alum raised some real key points about salaries for UC general counsels and Chris Edley.

UC Administrators "Fat cats turn obese" - oh lawd...

Peter Matthews gov wilson paid $37 at UC Berkeley Boalt- Schwarzenegger paid $6 at community college - Matthews might pay $200,000 for his newborn daughter to attend UC.

vanessa- an alum-has a sister also an alum - sister developed serious medical condition and fell behind on student loans now financially ruined

another speaker-why have UC Regents refused to back any legislation to stop the attack on public education? and raised 'fucking record breaking salaries'??!!

Roscio- her friends have had to take out huge loans, unemployed can't afford tuition - pls change policy.

Mohammed uc grad student-- lords and peasants - few can afford education-- we are not peasants.

Kevin Whalen grad student at UCR- question everything, taught this. skeptical of just blaming Sacto. deregulation and lower tazes regents do this in their business - they have a tall task in making themselves believable. They need to back legislation to turn this around.

Someone from UCSD this isnt a factory, corporation, airport-- UCSD has gotten rid of a bunch of libraries. why aren't regents paying their fair share and backing legislation to support public education?

as minorities began to come to UC and public higher ed the tuition has been raised. San Bernardino have you been down there? They know more more people going to prison rather than college.

symbolic gestures of listening- don't believe regents represent the public -' how do we the public do our job and get the regents the fuck out of here?'

someone from UCR- GSOE project

20 minute time limit reach - still 25 people need to speak

Lansing - despite what you might think we do care - none of us receive salaries- some of us do back some of the legislation mentioned- we will allow the rest of 25 to speak but don't know what you will do later - we hope you will let us meet b/c we are going to discuss other ways of funding rather than raise tuition.

speaker - asks regents to support legislation to fund public higher education.

UCSA rep- more student regents on the board of regents - (Jonathan Lee)- if you say you want student input this is a way to do that- students pay so much in to the system and want to have a voice.

UC Riverside student - Chancellor White is using diversity as a PR word. Diversity is not present at UCR for staff faculty. She is on loans not financial aid and there isn't any support other than loans - she is working for her tuition very hard. medical school should be pushed as part of a fix to health disparities based on race.

student- parents took out a second mortgage to pay for tuition, she and her sisters are in debt.

UCSD .7% representation art paid for but not students of color- millions spent to put up art on campus.

BS you don't make money off UC - Regents have businesses that make money off UC.

Margie Crowley UPTE- staff don't get listened to at all. Not afraid to show that she is an activist. actions speak louder than words. what legislation are you going to support? you show no support for us. sign petitions and vote for propositions.

Chris Benoit CUE rep and grandmother -- her children recently moved to Washington to get an education b/c CA doesn't work for them. Her mother was a CA agri worker. Her husband is an alum and school teacher. Her kids can't afford UC. Why aren't regents fighting for public higher ed.

former national guard and occupy LA member- 'the corruption here at this meeting stinks.'

another speaker - imagine that you can't afford to send your child to public higher ed/university or college- for the rest of my time I want you to silently imagine that. silence.

another speaker- the suits got raises and perks over regents meetings. think about priorities - lining pockets of suits or education of students.

benjamin wood not on list grad of UCSB but believes he has a right to speak $30K in debt for his education at UCSB. prop 13 and commercial property problem - Regent Blum and his firm benefits from not fixing the problem/reform prop 13 if he really cared.

mic is cut off - dead air/silence.
mic back on - someone yelling in background, secretary says "thank you"
silence, thank you, clapping.
BS that we are timed on our free speech at a public meeting at a public instition-Suzanne Magigin UCR honors student- George Orwell Animal Farm a parody Mark Yudof Student Farm- yelling Lansing " I can see that this is not going to be productive" inaudible speaking yelling off mic " i understand that there is a desire to stop our meeting I hope you don't " there are three more speakers

Gerald Vasco reps some Law Students- students entering Davis were not told the tuition/fee projection - duty to notify students.

Nathaniel wants to speak- other speakers say you need to listen to us - lansing says we've listened to you for 45 minutes, public comment ended

other speakers are yelling we have respected your process but you have not respected our right to speak

UCSB natl society of black engineers -- not gonna fault you for making money that's america just gonna ask you to protest with us be our voice in political realm to look at me when i am speaking to you madam -- pretty soon all of you are gonna be out of here and all of us are gonna be in there and we are going to make sure we keep public education

about five more students are on the list
more speakers
speaker says she is spending enormous amounts of time appealing to regents to attend regents meetings. enough. 200,000 uc students have had it. uc regents need to put their bodies into motion for uc regents- when you saw student pepper sprayed and batoned that is not isolated incidents. we are going to organize until we die.

ahmed UCSB - UC Regents making vocalized statements to the state govt but UCSB is not getting due representation. teleconference did not include UCSB. The students can't even get into the meeting rooms to see the meeting process.

mario UCSB- on welfare all of his life, will be just another homeless student if you raise tuition.

another speaker - alternative revenue sources. question that term. regents here for money. laughing all the way to the bank. regents at the top of the pyramid - they will stay at the top- there positions are the result of a closed loop not open to any of us out of the 1%
someone in a blue suit with a cornflower blue tie poses for pictures with students but doesn't do anything- hypocritical bs hope you can't sleep at night.

open peoples mic begins- Lansing says to yudof 'is this a chant are they going to go on like this I don't know what to do - where is barney, i don't know what to do get barney'-- another woman says 'let them go for a while then make the announcement that you are warning 'etc
Lansing starts warning the protestors 'ok,if this meeting continues to be disruptive you are not letting us do our business -we will now clear the room'

peoples open mic continues - regents are talking among themselves.

sound cut off.9:46am

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