Monday, January 30, 2012

MIT and UC, Up is Down, Down is Up

so, John Reed- current Chair at MIT and former CitiGroup head- was on with Bill Moyers-- in a large section in the middle of the interview he blames much of the banking scandals on beliefs and practices that originated in Higher Ed... interesting point but also wonder if the MIT lovin' Koch Bros talk with him about this? funny how the Wall St folks all ran to positions in higher ed about the same time...

he will be in town in mid Feb with alumni--and others with very close connection to Cal- perhaps he will speak more on all of this, maybe even debate the issues.
University of California Sued For Not Hiring Disabled Students

could it have anything to do with this: “Our current system is a mess. It is extremely expensive and cumbersome to operate,” said Peter Taylor, chief financial officer for the UC.
Startups move UC discoveries to market in tandem with this background.

Blue Shield says UC medical centers want to drive up costs

Heart Surgery For UC

(UC regent) Jerry Brown Oil Scandal: Governor Fired Regulator Over Oil Rules
(remember all those groups talking about props to make oil taxes fund higher ed?)
and this latest from Bob Samuels--Romney, Private Equity, and the Future of American Capitalism

UC on funding future green housing projects: "We are way beyond that old paradigm."
UC Using More Private Developers For Student Housing

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