Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not Nice Crap, and David Crane

these are the things on Joe Matthews' (NBC Bay Area, LA Times,New America Foundation) mind:

Brown: My Budget Is Crap -- he says it is also 'not nice'
The Curious Case of David Crane
"Crane's detractors point out all the times he's been wrong or has overstated his case. And sometimes those detractors have been right.

Crane's latest gambit -- a nonpartisan effort to elect people with "courage" to the state legislature -- is poorly conceived. The legislature doesn't much matter in California's governing system, and it's unclear exactly what constitutes "courage" in a legislative context."

The problem with David Crane was that he took jabs at the CA legislature from the UC regents table which did nothing for advancing the UC cause, and he threw out one sentence suggestions about moving UC hospital revenue and other things but gave no in depth analysis or plan. At least Nicholas Berggruen gave us the Think Long report...Cal's Laura D'Andrea Tyson served on that committee-btw- she also recently resigned her post from Eastman Kodak, they are having issues...("Their Kodak Moments
Career Snapshots: Workers Take a Look Back as Many Struggle With Uncertainties About Family Finances, Retiree Benefits")

musically- this brings to mind Carlos Santana, who made a speech in front of Jerry Brown about how a certain CA Gov was "not nice" to certain groups.- wonder if the Gov. was thinking of that when he used those simple words?

and reminded of the Lovely Linda (née Eastman-- of Eastman Kodak, later Lady McCartney)

Also, forgot to include this story from November '11- earning their CBEs...
Sir Paul outranks -so it's
My Love

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