Friday, January 20, 2012

Patriarchal When They Want To Be...

A smoke-free UC goes too far
Free UC Berkeley Extension Courses for Eligible Staff Employees
are you the right sort of employee?
did daddy supervisor say you could?
did you show your plans, your grades?
do you get a ticket to ride -- or not?
what does el hefe say?
it is almost as opaque as UC admissions...are employees treated as badly as middle class California residents? recall the hideous admin of the CDOP plan?! the cronyism of the SPOT award?!...
but when students suggest a tuition scheme that is against their own interests the regents don't take a patriarchal stance (they DIDN'T say "listen kids your life is gonna get more complicated after graduation") instead they say --'you're proposing giving us money for the next twenty years- we'll take it under serious consideration'...Yudof didn't even try to score any brownie points with the students by leaning forward and saying/reminding them-you sure you want to do this?- maybe
simply impractical
the next twenty years
where many of them will
some will have children/child support
some will divorce/spousal support
some will have illnesses/insurance gaps/donutholes
some will need to fund their start ups
some will need to care for their aging parents
--even if they don't marry or have kids etc. the plutocrats will still be after them...or creating new dramas in the world economy
and the alumni will now be in a sick fin. relationship with their alma mater as well.
Remaking on the "huge taboo" oh yeah, big time,- hitting the third rail- watch the fireworks...
Recall we sent POTUS Aretha? He does his best Rev Al
Let's stay together- ?- everyone is asking that question...not just UCSF.

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