Friday, January 20, 2012

Round Up- At Last

Changing Universities-UCR Students Promote a Bad Tuition Plan as Police Beat Protesters

UCLA Faculty Association-USC covers UC Regents Protest at UCR

The People's Vanguard of Davis - The Investigative Eye-Rubber Bullets at UC Regents Meeting in Riverside Ends Relative Calm of New Year and Chancellor Katehi Issues Another Message on Pepper-Spraying Incident

Protesters occupy campus library at Cal.

Something very disturbing is happening at the UCLA Japanese Gardens - if you don't understand that a Japanese Garden is also a spiritual place-- you might not understand the importance of this story...

California Progress Report-$422,320 for a College Degree? With Tuition Skyrocketing, It is Time to Rethink Higher Education

HuffPo, if you're gonna make fun at least spell the name right (always typos on it).
Etta on stage jammin' with BB, George Benson, Van Morrison, Santana,Dr. John, John Scott and many others-- sigh- The Very Thought Of You -RIP

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