Monday, January 16, 2012

Transfer Students and UC-- and 'that' agenda item for the UC Regents Meeting

Bucking a recent trend and thwarting efforts to increase transfers, fewer community-college students than last year have applied to the University of California system for the fall 2012 term.
Nearly 1,800 fewer students applied for transfers to the 10-campus university than a year ago despite a record 160,939 undergraduate applications overall, according to figures released Thursday.
In contrast, transfer applications to the 23-campus California State University system increased 6 percent.
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could it be that transfer students are being steered to online for profits?
If you're a transfer student from CCSF you're double screwed--Viruses stole City College of SF data for years --but it looks like no consequences for higher ed institutions though --it seems...take a look at some of the posts from Tracy Mitrano on this kind of stuff. HuffPo has more- Computer Virus At Local College Compromised Student Data For A Decade
a long history of this everywhere.
UC Riverside students propose alternative UC student contribution plan
Bill could offer tax credit for middle-income families’ college expenses
That item in the UC Regents Agenda -- concerns the faculty personnel action (always trying to be so ultra secret on those actions) on this: Tenured UC Riverside Professor Faces Rare Firing Discussions
The UC Board of Regents is scheduled to discuss firing a Riverside professor. Sarkis Joseph Khoury has a history of quarrels with the university and says he's the victim of a witch hunt.
MLK at Cal

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