Friday, January 6, 2012

“We applaud the governor’s willingness to grant UC leadership maximum flexibility in navigating these fiscal times,” Lenz said in the statement. “The administration’s focus on protecting higher education from further budget reductions is a welcome relief, and the governor’s stated desire for a long-term state investment is encouraging.”

talk about mixed messages---

here is the: UCOP Statement
Gov. Jerry Brown unveils budget proposal with $2.6 billion for UC

Brown’s state budget could cut $200 million from UC this year

Someone let the cat out of the bag on the state budget

also recall: Memo to Jerry: Time to Whack Other Tax Proposals -- they have a photo of Don Vito Corleone with this--is it time to get all "to the mattresses"?
They also have this latest post: "The 73-year-old chief executive summed up the hard work of politics via the Latin phrase Ad Astra per Aspera, which he said means, “To the stars through the thorns.” ...And of course you don’t need us to tell you it appeared on the right side shoulder patch in “Star Trek Enterprise,”

You spin me right round, baby- Right round- like a record, baby -Right round, round , round -You spin me right ...

awful stuff. thorny indeed.


  1. The Star Trek motto came from Heinlein's Starfleet Command, but of course can be traced back much further to Virgil.

  2. yes-the history is discussed in the link- the myers piece even takes up the 'thorny' vs 'rough' translation etc.