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Cruz Reynoso Letter to Mark Yudof dated Feb 15th, 2012

In case you have not read it, here:
Here is the latest update from retired California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso, chair of the task force investigating the pepper spray incident at UC Davis

February 15, 2012

Dear President Yudof,

As Chair of the UC Davis Task Force that is investigating the pepper spray incident on November 18, 2011, I am writing to report to you that the Task Force continues to work diligently towards the release of the final report outlining recommendations to Chancellor Katehi and you. These recommendations, assisted by the fact finding report from Kroll, will include improvements to police procedures, command protocols, and campus policies and oversight structures that will help ensure that the rights and safety of nonviolent protestors and the entire campus community are protected.

As I previously indicated to you, the Task Force believes that it is imperative to have a complete understanding of the events that took place on that afternoon. To that end, the Task Force has maintained an aggressive schedule, having met as a group on five separate occasions to review a considerable amount of information surrounding the details of the event. As members of the UC Davis community, we are mindful of and share the intense desire of faculty, staff, and students to have trust and confidence restored. Therefore, while we are trying to be swift in releasing the report, we have an obligation to the campus community not to be hurried.

As such, I now anticipate that the report of the Task Force will be released to the UC Davis community at a public meeting to take place in early March on the Davis campus. The previous release date scheduled for February 21, 2012, is now cancelled. In early March, the Task Force and I will outline our recommendations to the UC Davis community, the students, faculty and staff, and engage in an open dialogue on the deliberative process.


Cruz Reynoso

'Physical Bullying' at UCLA? huh? and a different kind of March Madness

Doesn't that normally get called somethin' else?

UCLA's basketball program is gettin' some serious slammin' lately:

Special Report: Not the UCLA Way

Drug use, lack of discipline said to be part of UCLA decline
Huff Po gave it these headlines: UCLA Basketball Players Undermined Discipline, Morale Under Ben Howland: REPORT and they also headlined it "Wild Wild Westwood - The Fall Of UCLA Basketball"

It wasn't always like this -- in case you didn't know.

John Wooden’s 7 Point Creed was given to him by his father Joshua upon his graduation from grammar school – it is:

Be true to yourself.
Make each day your masterpiece.
Help others.
Drink deeply from good books.
Make friendship a fine art.
Build a shelter against a rainy day.
Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

More here.

It used to be great... Clean It Up, Now. Used to be-- used to be--

(H/T UD on the USA Today article.)
for links to details on different kinds of March Madness see Remaking The University
Does Oxford carry curriculum on Led Zep?
Like an Oxford DeCal - but in this case call it 'DeOxford' or somethin'?--jus' wonderin'...

Oxford University Gets $41 Million From Ahmet Ertegun

Special credit for an RP capstone?

Can't (Literally) Beat 'Em -- Join 'Em?!

Cal administators seem to think so...'we made you crunchy, fried -now we are gonna crash your march.'

Strange how the UC Regents (Lansing esp.) called for a rally in Sacto in May -remember?- they didn't pay attention to the fact that over the last several years March is the month the students have designated for this action.

And, strange that Cal admin has stole some of the UC Regent thunder and decided to make March the month as well- who is gonna show up in late May? It is a real question- there are finals, graduations to attend- and then it's get outta Dodge- as it is every year - but the regents are so removed from the flow of annual experiences on campuses. They- both Cal admin and UC Regents- are diluting the effect of their own efforts through their lack of coordination - but what else is new-that is what happens with how they manage operations decade after decade, so...

(wonder if votes on tuition increases will then happen in July- July regent meetings -a thing to behold)

BTW-- isn't Birgeneau concerned the March events he wants to now join in - well, it might be too much like "Quan Land"?
Mark Yudof's version of engagement and activism: UC President Yudof to Participate in Web Chat on March 2 UCSF PR is happy to advertise that event, but they are crickets on the March events in Sacto, seems same thing with UC Davis. Why? How the internal upper admin battle lines are drawn. Wedges lots of wedges and inconsistencies within the system.
Condolences and thoughts go out on this story and this story and this story.
What is goin' on with Manville?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Did Gov. Brown Decide On UC Regents?

See: Brown will Choose Whether To Reappoint Two UC Regents By March 1st.

A ping back from the CA GOP? that they -some of them- are just as disgusted by the shenanigans in public higher ed?: Brown's appointment of Carter to CSU board fails to win Senate confirmation
Republicans objected that Herbert L. Carter, first appointed to the board in 2004, had participated last year in raising student fees by 12% while giving the president of the San Diego campus a $400,000 pay package.

Monday, February 27, 2012

POTUS: More than 40 States Cut Funding For Higher Ed; and 250,000 teachers lost

His morning meeting at the White House with the National Governors Association had many points:

He, once again, made clear he is not just talking about snobby four year institutions in higher ed-- he is also always talking about vocational training as part of those discussions on resources and reforms in higher ed.

His comments begin at the 6:00 mark and run about twenty minutes.

In other news, this story (or series of stories) about a UCLA alum and a UC Berkeley alum-- one of them recently handled an $860 million transaction on UC bonds-- the Daily Mail is even covering it in its wild way.

and San Francisco City College Trustees get paid for attending their scheduled meetings even if they don't attend them...

This is why folks are preoccupied with these issues.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nat'l Gov Assn Meeting On Public Research Universities and Entrepreneurial Culture, Innovation

Research Universities and Innovation etc.
Panelists talked about strategies to foster a business environment that increases jobs and economic growth. This program was part of the National Governor's Association conference.
Speakers at the session include: Jeff Weedman, vice president of Global Business Development at The Procter & Gamble Company, and Amy Wilkinson, a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School in the Center for Business and Government and a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

P&G: Public Research Universities should be more like UKs Durham U and Univerities in Singapore...and lots and lots of other items. It runs about 90 minutes

Gov. Brown on MTP talking about how unions and management can innovate on (primarily vocational) education and how vocational ed is as important as four year higher ed- and how it relates to pres. election/campaign trail. He also made the rounds at CNN - he is in DC for the NGA (see above).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lame?: "Sproul Plaza The App"-Wilton's UC Budget 101

see: “Budget 101″ with Vice Chancellor John Wilton kicks off Berkeley’s new Sproul Plaza app.
-unnecessary squeaky marker props
-no discussion of the percentage of student aid that comes in the form of ahum LOANS!
-he says no negative effects on quality or ops despite severe cuts- cuz this is an exercise in marketing and removing the power of the student narratives rather than an effort at true engagement
-fyi the comments and questions exchange requires you to use 'the app' -- the youtube video is unlisted and comments disabled...
BTW, see these links and consider the connections:

Executive Chair of Google to Speak at UC Berkeley Commencement

36 State Attorneys General Express "strong concerns" with Google's New Privacy Policy Which It Intends To Roll Out Soon.

Privacy Concerns Flare With Google, Facebook

Google Privacy Policy: 36 Attorneys General Express Strong Concerns

and then look up UC at this site.
What's next? Mario Savio- The App? FSM- The App?

(Really, it should be called UC Administration- The App. Much of what happens on Sproul Plaza can't be contained in an app- but they just don't 'get it.')

Round Up: Political Theater And Insight From The B Schools etc.

We're supposed to believe that Di Fi does any hand wringing over $15 mil --or wonders/worries over what Jerry Brown's next move will be? --really?

There is this take on the Gov's latest moves and blowback-- lots of Fiat on that Lux!

Gavin is having issues...calling for elimination of his own job - does this mean he feels he has no real meaningful work/input as an ex officio UC Regent? what does that say about the ex officio UC Regents?
Andrew Jenks in an interesting interview on millenials this week related to the new student movement.

The interview with Matt Segal was pretty good. Matthew Segal is co-founder and President of Our Time

Reclaim has a take on how it all intersects.

Risk Management is drawing more students at the B Schools -there was a piece on that but can't find it- anyway, risk management was not enough to save a $1,000,000.00 piece of art at Cal...oh well, it will still be on display in some public space in San Marino etc.-- this is the attitude when risk management fails...

HBCUs are joining with Haas B School on certain efforts -recall Tom Joyner and HBCUs are also going into on line ed in a big way -- not sure how it all links up but they are both happening concurrently.

The B Schools and Engineering schools offer a stark contrast to this: UC Berkeley Drops In Income Potential Report Rankings --UCLA too...

sigh, yes The B-Schools...

'I'm the only African American student in my AP calculus class,' that's not a plus. ...

in case you didn't see it mentioned earlier...California Proposition 209: Minority Enrollments Down In UC Schools Despite Diversity Efforts
UCSD should stand up for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

US News And World Report Gets Smackdown By UC PR Reps

"But UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof said that “much of what U.S. News presented was a bit off.”

Mogulof and staff compiled a table with “fully vetted, fully up-to-date data” from UC campuses that contradicted the article’s findings. According to the campus data, UC Davis was the most expensive to attend for out-of-state students, costing $36,738 in 2011-12 tuition and fees.

The U.S. News article said UC Berkeley cost $34,645 for out-of-state tuition and fees in 2011-12, but campus figures put the cost at $35,712 — a $1,067 difference.

In the 2011-12 academic year, UC Berkeley was cheaper in terms of tuition and fees for out-of state students than the Irvine, Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Riverside campuses.

Mogulof speculated that the data from the article were inaccurate because the news agency had not gone back to pick up final 2011-12 data from each institution after July 2011 and did not consistently capture increases in tuition or in campus-based fees as a result.

U.S. News and World Report did not respond to a request for comment.

UC Irvine spokesperson Cathy Lawhon said she did not know where the article’s figures came from.

“From going to the various UC campus websites, none of the figures on the U.S News article look accurate,” Lawhon said.

From Daily Cal
In other news:

University Of California System Easily Sells $860M Century Bond

Lisa Chan, the actress in the DebbieSpenditnow Pete Hokestra ads, is a Cal Bear. --she may have done the most to secure Debbie Stabenow's re-election.

Following criticism, UC Berkeley creates new protest response guidelines
Daily Cal is having major problems with their comments section but isn't even posting an explanation-- they should -- this has been goin' on for days and is confusing.

Also, one of their stories includes this sentence on Warren Hellman :"Hellman famously campaigned to save the pensions of thousands of City of San Francisco workers." -- is the author of that piece talking about the Jeff Adachi (Cal Bear) Prop B -for it then against it- stance Hellman took when labor was needed for the weekend work of Hardly Strictly? or what?

would ask the question but the comments section at Daily Cal is broken/buggy.
fascinating how if this happens in the hills everyone 'freaks out'-- but if it happens in the flats 'uuhhmmph, well, ya know'...crickets from the folks in the hills.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at UC

The public university setting well described in these posts:

Burnout in the non-profit sector

Gone and Forgotten -- at UC it looks: kinda like this...
and this on UC specifically:
forced forgetting
or, ignore it all and focus on a 'looking forward initiative' instead...blah blah blah blah
until it happens again and again.

if the missing art had been by a white sculptor,“the university would have turned the campus upside down to find it.”

Today's dedication of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the fact that this is Black History Month puts this quote about UC Berkeley front and center:

Arthur Monroe, an African-American artist and friend of Johnson’s, said that “the university would have turned the campus upside down to find it.” Still, he added, “Any time there’s prominent space to exhibit his work is always good for my friend.”

at Cal there is the MLK building and Cesar Chavez space-- but museum space??...dunno, some feel there's some subtext coming from the admin in it and a lot of unspoken resentments for years-- about who gets a museum and who doesn't...

Daily Cal is now covering the story: UC Berkeley Accidentally Sells Misplaced Artwork Valued At Over $1 Million For Less Than $200
SCOTUS is going to hear affirmative action case for U of Texas-- Yudof's ol stomping grounds. More here.
Columbo gave some money to UCLA - $3 mil for scholarships. -love the specificity of scholarships!
UC Merced comes up again as something UC maybe should unload-and should never have gotten into- there also is talk of making some state community colleges into four year institutions, perhaps the thought is to put UC Merced into that pool...this sort of talk might explain why UC Merced students and admin have tried to fall in line with whatever the regents propose, they know where their bread is buttered so to speak and don't want to rock the boat precisely b/c this 'unload' talk is going around more and more.
Changing Universities has this post on votes about changes to UC faculty compensation.
in light of Chancellor Birgeneau's emails recently being released you might want to listen to this again:
November 28th, the UC Berkeley Academic Senate audio
For background see: this story
Huell Howser's California Gold gave much props to UC Davis. - you should catch it if you can.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Why is rich UC draining more City of Berkeley resources -- again?!"

that is the outraged tone and question being asked over and over due to this latest very sad and painful set of events:

The victim had called police on a nonemergency line after first seeing Dewitt, according to sources familiar with the case. But police were busy monitoring an Occupy Oakland march to UC Berkeley, and officers were dispatched only to high-priority calls.

An officer who noticed the call about Dewitt on his computer told a dispatcher he would respond, but was told not to go, sources said.

-- the Occupy March is also being described as more of a march from Doe Library to I House- both UC campus properties- by a couple of dozen peaceful folks...couldn't UCPD handle that, can't UC afford to pay UCPD to do it? Just left with many questions and the loss.
Berkeley Man, 67, Slain Outside His House In Hills

Daily Cal also covers it- Man Assaulted and Killed in Berkeley, Suspect Detained -- Daily Cal has also been covering a number of similar but less lethal incidents occurring around campus and the entire city over the past year.

Is the Bratton -or any other UC report coming out in March- going to address each respective city's needs and loss of resources to each respective campus? Hot spot that issue. Really hoping now that the Bratton report is -at least - thorough.

We are supposed to be so grateful for the revolving door between city, state positions and high level UC positions - but to what end, what campus and town benefits result?

Was the newly formed Cal Committee on Campus Protests (CCCP- oy!) calling the shots on the night of this disturbing event above- what was their role? How much muscle do they flex with the city? Who sits on that committee? Who do they report to?

Also see DailyCal's: Birgeneau Emphasized Enforcing No Tent Rule, Emails Show

btw, there were a couple of deaths as a result of taser use nationwide over the weekend that were covered by CNN and their sister network HLN -- reminded of this post from Remaking the University.

Aren't public research universities marketing themselves as places that are geared toward helping extend and improve life through research rather than causing loss of life?

Maybe UC can just fix it all with the ol' "we've created a new center to study"...
Also, Remaking has two pieces written by 'Anon Staff' about Operational Excellence as experienced by staff - a very poignant must read:

Shared Services Part I

Shared Services Part II

Those pieces mention that cubicle rat mazes will likely be coming soon to Cal. UCOP loves a good cubicle rat maze - UCOP has floors and floors of them- beige/dirty off white panel cubicle rat maze here, there, everywhere- it looked like one of the most soul stealing spaces in downtown Oakland... but probably a few less of them since the supposed downsizing/layoffs/migration to UC campuses initiatives of some UCOP staff.

Bravo on writing those two posts!
Not so Operationally Excellent--there is this outrageous story about how UC Berkeley 'lost' one million dollars worth of art- $1,000,000.00 -recently:
Bargains At UC Berkeley
Just poof- gone...
The New York Times cuts to the chase:
"It’s hard to imagine losing something longer than a pickup truck,” he added, referring to what he called Berkeley’s “amazing incompetence.”

“It’s astounding,” he said.

In correspondence with the federal government, Andrew Goldblatt, who has the stressful-sounding title of assistant risk manager for the university, described the sale of the Johnson piece as “an error of ignorance.”
(bold emphasis ours)
What the he//, Cal?!
Just gotta go back--yep, he really said it: "Quan Land"- that is a pretty interesting way of referring to 1) the mayor of- and 2) the city that is home to: University of California Office of the President. Birgeneau did that while he was on a livin' large junket in China no less, the ironies.
Daily Cal also has coverage on the launch of online courses and with comparisons to MIT's courses...uuggghhhh. The first course: Art History and Art Appreciation- a jest.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Apathy in lieu of confidence, -isms in full effect, 'tracked' services or 'shared services',and some ideas brewin'

Only 37% of UC Davis faculty vote on measures regarding campus events that received world wide attention. this is a statement in itself. also, some reflections on it here and here.

More UC Regents who just refuse to leave gracefully after a couple of already too long terms will have an answer from Gov. Brown soon...UC does not need 24 years of *anybody* at the UC Regent table.

The 'model' program at Cal -that will be rolled out to all UC- is looking like it is more about 'tracked services' for specific depts rather than 'shared services'-- where some depts will receive subpar arrangements- and quality will be poached over and over.

Yudof/UCOP is holding one of those mock electronic town halls again as faux outreach/dialogue with students, etc....Remember the sad on line retirement town hall--when many of the questions posed to UCOP officials were NEVER answered like UCOP promised? or the one where they had certain folks brought in to sit in the basement(?) nodding yes to anything they said? and questions and comments were scrubbed in the final transcripts and coverage for both...Remember Sept 2010 for example? this modus operandi is also detailed here.

UC Davis wrestlers get some justice- UC will pay $1.5 million for Title IX case

209 in practice and opinion-- some coverage.
And, see this piece: Documenting the Failure of the Master Plan.
at Daily Cal also see that
Berkeley engineering is trying for some diversity... by hiring another dean.

Some easy to read bullet point assertions/concepts from a discussion at UC Irvine here.

This is a rather remarkable event.

-- wasn't it interesting that Yudof commented on the Katehi vote but he was silent after the Birgeneau vote re: no confidence? That's interesting.
What's real? The sound. Dance.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occupy Cal- The Fungus Among Us

mycologists unite! some coverage:
SF Chron

SJ Mercury News

Bay Citizen


Berkeley Daily Planet

this is from UC Berkeley Public Affairs - interesting how they view Californians as 'non affiliates'...but at other times when they want $ - they want 'all Californians to stand up for UC'.

KGO has the best coverage today- with video.

The Mushroom.

Reasons for all this covered well here:
Heather McGhee on the Millennial Generation with Bill Moyers
“Millennials”, the 80-plus million Americans who were born roughly between 1978 and 2000, are getting hit hard by economic circumstances created over the past 30 years. They may be the first generation of Americans who cannot count on doing better than their parents. How have these realities affected their outlook? And how will it impact Barack Obama’s future? Millennials turned out for him by huge margins in 2008, but their enthusiasm has waned. In this Moyers & Company segment, Bill Moyers talks with a Millennial who has dedicated herself to tackling these issues. At 31, Heather McGhee directs the Washington office of the research and advocacy group Demos, and is fighting for financial reforms and consumer protection.

“Our generation is the most diverse generation in American history… But we are also the generation that is experiencing record inequality — inequality in our economy and inequality in our democracy,” McGhee tells Moyers. “We need to become a very politically-engaged generation.”

A portion of UC Regent audio now available.

is anybody paying any damn attention to what is goin' on in SD? The Gov. said: "The people who know about teaching are the people who teach…you gotta have tests…but this whole testing business hasn’t always been the way it is today…it was a new idea in 1977 that the SAT would be a requirement to get into University of California…tests have become an obsession…too much of a good thing becomes a bad…salt, calcium, tests…I want to put teachers in charge of the schools…(Is he speaking to the California Federation of Teachers which is backing one of the tax-raising measures that threaten his own proposal?)"

There are Acad Senate motions at Davis about a No Confidence Vote on Chancellor Katehi.

and UC Berkeley Updates Retirement Policies For Chair-Holding Professors

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Delay-- Or A Smackdown for UC?

Recall how we've mentioned the UC Regents (esp. a certain UC Regent Chair) likes to talk at UC Regents meetings about UC patents and how lucrative it all could be? well...

After Years Of Extracting Money, Patent Troll Gets Slapped Down

and Bloomberg and CNET and Wired also cover it.

Wired even gets into 'Visible Embryo' stuff - and that calls to mind University Diaries latest post.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Names of “Future of UCSF" Working Group Members

"charged with exploring changes to UCSF’s current governance structure and financial relationship with the University of California system that could better ensure its longterm success."

who is the its in that sentence? UCSF or UC System? The story does not answer that question- but links to biographies for those listed below.


* Sam Hawgood, MBBS, dean, UCSF School of Medicine and vice chancellor of medical affairs
* Nathan Brostrom, executive vice president for Business Operations, UC Office of the President (UCOP)


* John “Jack” Stobo, senior vice president, Health Sciences and Services, UCOP
* Peter Taylor, executive vice president of Budget and Capital Resources, UCOP
* Leslie Tang Schilling, UC Regent and founder and director of Union Square Investments Company, a commercial real estate investment and management firm.
* William De La Peña, MD, UC Regent and a professor of ophthalmology, and founder and medical director of the De La Peña Eye Clinics throughout Southern California
* John Plotts, senior vice chancellor, UCSF Finance and Administration
* Mark Laret, chief executive officer, UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
* Mary Anne Koda-Kimble, PharmD, dean, UCSF School of Pharmacy
* Bob Newcomer, chair, UCSF Academic Senate
* Gene Block, chancellor, UCLA
* Bill Oberndorf, chair, UCSF Foundation and a founding partner of SPO Advisory Corp., which is an owner of a number of businesses in a broad range of industries with an asset orientation.
* Lloyd “Holly” Smith, MD, former chair, professor and chair emeritus, UCSF Department of Medicine.

Looking Forward (i.e no looking back at batons/crunchy at Berkeley)
Commission on the Future
“Future of UCSF"
don't remember the past.
Maybe UCLA can help 'em out-- the memories can be jolted for the SMGs?
Call it what it is - restructuring but demanding the old rules about autonomy still apply- a power grab with less transparency...

"Under Brown’s plan, the GPA requirements for Cal Grants would increase, thereby reducing state expenditures by an estimated $131 million. Nearly one-third of current recipients would be cut off from grant money, according to the report."

"Additionally, the report cautions against Brown’s proposal to afford more financial flexibility to UC and CSU administrators by eliminating earmarks on state appropriations." read the full story.

also see: Center for Investigative Reporting to merge with The Bay Citizen -- Phil Bronstein, we are counting on you to make sure things don't get f'ed up there.

Birgeneau wants to go to the US Congress --to ask for fund matching/change the topic.

More importantly:
Have We Protected Poor Students from Debt?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"While the UC could reap many millions from an Eolas win, it is suing the world’s biggest internet companies — the same companies that recruit its students, and are enmeshed with the UC in many other ways."

Patent Troll Claims Ownership of Interactive Web – And Might Win

(hint: think about those recent deals with Adobe,Google, Oracle etc. etc. Could it possibly affect the holdings of any UC Regents? Other UC VIPs?)

one thing leads to another

Brown on Cal Grant Funding and GPAs, Round Up

"Brown’s 2012-13 budget proposal reduces funding to Cal Grant program by $131.2 million by increasing the minimum GPA requirement for Cal Grant A from a 3.0 to a 3.25, Cal Grant B from a 2.0 to a 2.75 and community college transfer entitlement awards from a 2.4 to a 2.75."
A.S. opposes Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget cuts

also this story at CSU

Calif. Speaker Pérez wants to cut college costs

some analysis on that here.

also see these latest posts: from Changing Universities and University Probe's Charles Schwartz is in the Chron of Higher Ed on UC Financial Reports and Remaking the University.

the California Channel is a great resource- there are many recent videos on textbook costs, community college initiatives and press conferences on higher ed- peruse the recent videos section-- many times telling comments are made that are not necessarily picked up by the MSM.

Also, Daily Cal raises some very important questions about the lack of transparency of UC Regent Chair Lansing's meetings with cherry picked groups of students tour...
Board of Regents Chair Speaks With Student Leaders Behind Closed Doors About UC’s Future
- as an observation, there is a reason why CA has public meetings laws (the regents are public officials, the students attend a public university) to protect citizens- are students giving up some of their power by agreeing to meet in these meetings as the regents set them up?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birgeneau Called Sec. Chu "Our Messiah"?!

A section from this old piece - about the background of the making of the BP/Berkeley deal-provides a flashback to the hyperbole, puffedupness of just a few short years ago--But then again - if you pat each other on the back and call each other Messiahs it is easy for one to imagine doing things like this. and not the Solyndra debacle and that li'l ol' spill in the Gulf of Mexico (that -interestingly-some UCSB scientists are saying is no big deal- all clear).

they had a recent reunion - the Messiah returned you could say- sans Dynes...

More on the push for Cal- or is it UC- to become a 'federal university'

One of the staffers mentioned in that old story (first link) is now going to be chief of staff to Mr. Former World Bank-- a staffer from decades of operations that have brought us to a time where many ops are being described harshly by outside consultants... but not the BP deal of course...where is the consistency of thought from new management?

This reads like one of those puff pieces the VIPs put out when someone is getting ready to call it a day soon, right? hhmmm.

Speaking of possible replacements for consideration:
Christina Romer on manufacturing in the NY Times--maybe.

UCSD Guardian picks up on a story about DSPP 'Disabled' UC Santa Barbara students possibly being discriminated against in UCSB hiring practices.

speaking of bad stats in recruiting see the stats on the UC student regent position- no female students filling that role in a long time - only 70 students systemwide apply, many unqualified, undergrads can't compete with grads?!

Why was personal property belonging only to Occupy UCDavis members
- but curiously and fortunately all UC property left in place in this incident? It seems a strange coincidence.

NPR picks up on the alternative to tuition increases by giving a cut of future alumni salaries back to UC for 20+ years-- but they don't cover the other alternatives being discussed as well..

in honor of Charles Dickens birthday today: The Downward Mobility of the American Middle Class.
January’s increase in hiring is good news, but most of the new jobs being created are in the lower-wage sectors of the economy. The middle class, meanwhile, is becoming poorer and poorer.

PS there is also this -- it is strange that a chancellor is getting more coverage than the director of that lab-- thought efforts were being made to draw clear lines between the labs and the campuses but apparently not.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yudof emphasizes Stafford, downplaying Pell and real cost to attend...

Yudof's latest interview with Patt Morrison

Auction 2012: Greedy Bastards and Student Debt -- read carefully the part about prestige over learning and online.

then think about what Reich says about :"All of which raises a basic question: Who or what is the economy for?"..."The best means of balancing the demands of consumers and investors against those of workers and citizens has been through democratic institutions that shape and constrain markets." and his comments on tech-- recall comments in the SOTU and compare with Edley,Yudof, Ratigan various versions of an emphasis on tech as a fix for higher ed...democratic mediating institutions are %$#@ed.

Song of Solomon -Cal Bear-anthropology- the Black and White Ball...
it's just all so damn serious-sad-need a laugh: "But beware averages. Shaquille O’Neal and I have an average height of six feet."-Reich

Friday, February 3, 2012

Profs at Cal Join Ralph Nader On Leg. Limiting Tuition Increases

Initiative in progress could limit public college tuition increases

Gavin, Arnold and Jerry--the dramz continues

sometimes think that Gavin makes all sorts of kind overtures/words/re-remembering of Arnie because Gavin's wife wants in on the movie biz -and they both want access to certain types in SoCal-and Arnie has influence that way-- Regent Lansing too...but who knows...
yes, we covered this already but...
but can't seem to get the glowing statement Gavin gave about how Arnold 'gave' CA Public Higher Ed $750 million and there's no reason we can't do that today too sentiments Gavin said during that KQED interview we linked to a bit earlier.
The section that UC and the regents should press the Gov and Lt Gov on is this section:

"in 2007, Gov Schwarzenegger, facing an equally daunting budget challenge, invested an additional $750 million dollars in higher education despite the budget deficit. I don't think this can be done- I know this can be done."

The Gov. (Brown) should push back on that statement if it is not true for today.
listen at the 28:00 mark but- most importantly- listen at the 30:00 mark of the interview with Gavin.

everyone needs to not toy with what can be done for public highed ed and get to substance.
HuffPo has now called the interview a Sacto Smackdown
Love this area of research: UC Berkeley Scientists Eavesdrop Inside the Mind but (could be) really spooky...
Reading this Ramirez v. Regents Of University Of California
PS can lower Sproul be renamed OccupyCal Square, Upper Zellerbach, Bear Square or something other than Sproulcentric. all that (re)construction and it doesn't even get its own name?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Told Ya March UC Regent Meeting Will Be Big...

but one other thing will be happening at the beginning of March- this update on a very sad story-- that always points out how differently each group is treated- lately the disparity between how the Regents are treated as compared to the Prof. How are the Regents really held to account in this process?

Riverside: UCR rally protests police action

UC Riverside Discusses January Protest Clash

Regents Will Consider UC-Riverside Student Plan for Alternative to Tuition in March

--in addition to their receiving reports from the investigative committees at UCD and UCB at this same meeting.

UCSD Buys Bankrupt Nevada Cancer Facility who could possibly be worried about $ or the size of UC already being unwieldy?

the MSM still breathing life into a bad idea: Student proposal: Pay college tuition after graduation

Prof. Lustig-viewing this changes lives--but... "Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Alcohol and Tobacco?" --Maybe sugar could fund public higher ed... not likely.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“not necessarily the most collaborative executive.”

part of why things are the way they are:

California's lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom joins us to discuss the role of the office of the lieutenant governor. And, as a board member of both the University of California and CSU, we'll hear Newsom's ideas about the changes in higher education in California.
more on non collaborative executives, both jr. and sr.:
@mark_yudof Mark G. Yudof "I am delighted to welcome my friend @SenFeinstein to Twitter!"
and he is up at the Lab with Chu
But does Yudof ever go to the Cal campus to meet regular everyday students and staff...(he could have joined Edley and Robinson yesterday- that might have packed in Pauley)
remember when Birgeneau said he got chewed out on the phone by Di Fi in November after the ruckus? Did a good friend tell her to do that, hmm?
something happening here.

Votes of No Confidence Expressed In Different Ways..

refusing to participate, or engage-- is one of them.

At forum, UC Berkeley officials say improved police methods needed at future protests

Matt Krupnick charitably calls it "sparsely attended"
SF Chron covered the event too but fell off into the ditch of side issues. (the number of mainstream reporters NOT covering the status of the investigative task force/committees at UCD and UCB is really a story in itself.)
and note the admin continues to throw the UCPD under the bus without addressing their own failings...Robinson says he fears- but doesn't fear - they will/did disappoint:

how do you achieve an objective independent status when you are being paid by one side? Do they teach that to freshly minted Golden Gate U grads?

No DREAM Act for UCSF Patient

if the dream requires living, see:
Jesus Navarro, An Undocumented Immigrant, Denied Kidney Transplant Despite Willing Donor And Insurance Coverage

wonder what Regent Zettle thinks of all of this...

Photo Op

Daily Cal obliges:
UC holds town hall meeting to discuss response to future protests

@sy_khan tweets cover it better:

Speaker: I would like to point out that a horse with blinders is only doing one thing: he's looking forward. #occupyforum
14 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: so far, the chancellor and his men have totally failed, and that is why we need another solution #occupyforum

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: part of the problem is that top layer of admin is invisible- last time i saw the exec. VC at a GA he was practically in disguise

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: increasing distance between faculty and the admin is a serious concern and part of the very problem of privatization #occupyforum
14 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: many think the police issues are a distraction from what really matter- privatization of the campus, etc #occupyforum
14 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: we're not looking in the past for bad guys, we're looking for bad system designs. Looking back is a component of looking forward
14 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: I had ethical concerns about joining the BAMN lawsuit, but it was all that was open to me, my only avenue for justice #occupyforum
14 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: when is it ok to use things that cause pain to someone? #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: it's a slap in the face that Christopher Edley was invited here as a rep- has proved time and time again not on side of students
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Groups now returned into larger group for commentary and questions #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: i was sleeping on Sproul for 30 nights, got to know police very well. I know that they feel very victimized by UC #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: after Wheeler '09 we wanted to have a crisis command center, that completely failed on Nov 9 #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Cont'd: I think the lack of chain in command is no longer an excuse, can no longer be tolerated #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: everyone could agree that the melee on Nov 9 was not supposed to happen, so guestion is why does it keep happening? #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
#UC Admin rep: what I've seen is that all of admin is seen as conspiratorial cabal that have different aims but that's just not true
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker: It should be a joint task force of admin and students that comes up with plan that works across all UC #occupyforum
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Audience has broken into small groups to discuss various issues
15 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Speaker just asked all plainclothes officers to ID themselves, two people raise hands #occupyforum
16 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
Dean of law school Christopher Edley addressing room #occupyforum
16 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
member of #occupycal addressing room through mic check.
16 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
A big circle of chairs has been set up in the center. ASUC pres Vishalli Loomba, Graduate assembly pres Bahar Nevab have joined the circle
16 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
members of the entering crowd, many of whom i've seen at #occupycal GAs, are moving the rows of chairs into a giant circle
16 hours ago

sy_khan Sara Khan
It's 4pm and I'm at the open forum 'how would you respond to the next #occupy?' at the pauley ballroom.
16 hours ago

and there is this UC Berkeley to implement revised code of student conduct
and this:
Police Review Board process stalled

Don Cornelius
- RIP- Soul.