Monday, February 20, 2012

Apathy in lieu of confidence, -isms in full effect, 'tracked' services or 'shared services',and some ideas brewin'

Only 37% of UC Davis faculty vote on measures regarding campus events that received world wide attention. this is a statement in itself. also, some reflections on it here and here.

More UC Regents who just refuse to leave gracefully after a couple of already too long terms will have an answer from Gov. Brown soon...UC does not need 24 years of *anybody* at the UC Regent table.

The 'model' program at Cal -that will be rolled out to all UC- is looking like it is more about 'tracked services' for specific depts rather than 'shared services'-- where some depts will receive subpar arrangements- and quality will be poached over and over.

Yudof/UCOP is holding one of those mock electronic town halls again as faux outreach/dialogue with students, etc....Remember the sad on line retirement town hall--when many of the questions posed to UCOP officials were NEVER answered like UCOP promised? or the one where they had certain folks brought in to sit in the basement(?) nodding yes to anything they said? and questions and comments were scrubbed in the final transcripts and coverage for both...Remember Sept 2010 for example? this modus operandi is also detailed here.

UC Davis wrestlers get some justice- UC will pay $1.5 million for Title IX case

209 in practice and opinion-- some coverage.
And, see this piece: Documenting the Failure of the Master Plan.
at Daily Cal also see that
Berkeley engineering is trying for some diversity... by hiring another dean.

Some easy to read bullet point assertions/concepts from a discussion at UC Irvine here.

This is a rather remarkable event.

-- wasn't it interesting that Yudof commented on the Katehi vote but he was silent after the Birgeneau vote re: no confidence? That's interesting.
What's real? The sound. Dance.

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