Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birgeneau Called Sec. Chu "Our Messiah"?!

A section from this old piece - about the background of the making of the BP/Berkeley deal-provides a flashback to the hyperbole, puffedupness of just a few short years ago--But then again - if you pat each other on the back and call each other Messiahs it is easy for one to imagine doing things like this. and not the Solyndra debacle and that li'l ol' spill in the Gulf of Mexico (that -interestingly-some UCSB scientists are saying is no big deal- all clear).

they had a recent reunion - the Messiah returned you could say- sans Dynes...

More on the push for Cal- or is it UC- to become a 'federal university'

One of the staffers mentioned in that old story (first link) is now going to be chief of staff to Mr. Former World Bank-- a staffer from decades of operations that have brought us to a time where many ops are being described harshly by outside consultants... but not the BP deal of course...where is the consistency of thought from new management?

This reads like one of those puff pieces the VIPs put out when someone is getting ready to call it a day soon, right? hhmmm.

Speaking of possible replacements for consideration:
Christina Romer on manufacturing in the NY Times--maybe.

UCSD Guardian picks up on a story about DSPP 'Disabled' UC Santa Barbara students possibly being discriminated against in UCSB hiring practices.

speaking of bad stats in recruiting see the stats on the UC student regent position- no female students filling that role in a long time - only 70 students systemwide apply, many unqualified, undergrads can't compete with grads?!

Why was personal property belonging only to Occupy UCDavis members
- but curiously and fortunately all UC property left in place in this incident? It seems a strange coincidence.

NPR picks up on the alternative to tuition increases by giving a cut of future alumni salaries back to UC for 20+ years-- but they don't cover the other alternatives being discussed as well..

in honor of Charles Dickens birthday today: The Downward Mobility of the American Middle Class.
January’s increase in hiring is good news, but most of the new jobs being created are in the lower-wage sectors of the economy. The middle class, meanwhile, is becoming poorer and poorer.

PS there is also this -- it is strange that a chancellor is getting more coverage than the director of that lab-- thought efforts were being made to draw clear lines between the labs and the campuses but apparently not.

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