Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't (Literally) Beat 'Em -- Join 'Em?!

Cal administators seem to think so...'we made you crunchy, fried -now we are gonna crash your march.'

Strange how the UC Regents (Lansing esp.) called for a rally in Sacto in May -remember?- they didn't pay attention to the fact that over the last several years March is the month the students have designated for this action.

And, strange that Cal admin has stole some of the UC Regent thunder and decided to make March the month as well- who is gonna show up in late May? It is a real question- there are finals, graduations to attend- and then it's get outta Dodge- as it is every year - but the regents are so removed from the flow of annual experiences on campuses. They- both Cal admin and UC Regents- are diluting the effect of their own efforts through their lack of coordination - but what else is new-that is what happens with how they manage operations decade after decade, so...

(wonder if votes on tuition increases will then happen in July- July regent meetings -a thing to behold)

BTW-- isn't Birgeneau concerned the March events he wants to now join in - well, it might be too much like "Quan Land"?
Mark Yudof's version of engagement and activism: UC President Yudof to Participate in Web Chat on March 2 UCSF PR is happy to advertise that event, but they are crickets on the March events in Sacto, seems same thing with UC Davis. Why? How the internal upper admin battle lines are drawn. Wedges lots of wedges and inconsistencies within the system.
Condolences and thoughts go out on this story and this story and this story.
What is goin' on with Manville?

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