Friday, February 3, 2012

Gavin, Arnold and Jerry--the dramz continues

sometimes think that Gavin makes all sorts of kind overtures/words/re-remembering of Arnie because Gavin's wife wants in on the movie biz -and they both want access to certain types in SoCal-and Arnie has influence that way-- Regent Lansing too...but who knows...
yes, we covered this already but...
but can't seem to get the glowing statement Gavin gave about how Arnold 'gave' CA Public Higher Ed $750 million and there's no reason we can't do that today too sentiments Gavin said during that KQED interview we linked to a bit earlier.
The section that UC and the regents should press the Gov and Lt Gov on is this section:

"in 2007, Gov Schwarzenegger, facing an equally daunting budget challenge, invested an additional $750 million dollars in higher education despite the budget deficit. I don't think this can be done- I know this can be done."

The Gov. (Brown) should push back on that statement if it is not true for today.
listen at the 28:00 mark but- most importantly- listen at the 30:00 mark of the interview with Gavin.

everyone needs to not toy with what can be done for public highed ed and get to substance.
HuffPo has now called the interview a Sacto Smackdown
Love this area of research: UC Berkeley Scientists Eavesdrop Inside the Mind but (could be) really spooky...
Reading this Ramirez v. Regents Of University Of California
PS can lower Sproul be renamed OccupyCal Square, Upper Zellerbach, Bear Square or something other than Sproulcentric. all that (re)construction and it doesn't even get its own name?

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