Wednesday, February 22, 2012

if the missing art had been by a white sculptor,“the university would have turned the campus upside down to find it.”

Today's dedication of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the fact that this is Black History Month puts this quote about UC Berkeley front and center:

Arthur Monroe, an African-American artist and friend of Johnson’s, said that “the university would have turned the campus upside down to find it.” Still, he added, “Any time there’s prominent space to exhibit his work is always good for my friend.”

at Cal there is the MLK building and Cesar Chavez space-- but museum space??...dunno, some feel there's some subtext coming from the admin in it and a lot of unspoken resentments for years-- about who gets a museum and who doesn't...

Daily Cal is now covering the story: UC Berkeley Accidentally Sells Misplaced Artwork Valued At Over $1 Million For Less Than $200
SCOTUS is going to hear affirmative action case for U of Texas-- Yudof's ol stomping grounds. More here.
Columbo gave some money to UCLA - $3 mil for scholarships. -love the specificity of scholarships!
UC Merced comes up again as something UC maybe should unload-and should never have gotten into- there also is talk of making some state community colleges into four year institutions, perhaps the thought is to put UC Merced into that pool...this sort of talk might explain why UC Merced students and admin have tried to fall in line with whatever the regents propose, they know where their bread is buttered so to speak and don't want to rock the boat precisely b/c this 'unload' talk is going around more and more.
Changing Universities has this post on votes about changes to UC faculty compensation.
in light of Chancellor Birgeneau's emails recently being released you might want to listen to this again:
November 28th, the UC Berkeley Academic Senate audio
For background see: this story
Huell Howser's California Gold gave much props to UC Davis. - you should catch it if you can.

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