Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lame?: "Sproul Plaza The App"-Wilton's UC Budget 101

see: “Budget 101″ with Vice Chancellor John Wilton kicks off Berkeley’s new Sproul Plaza app.
-unnecessary squeaky marker props
-no discussion of the percentage of student aid that comes in the form of ahum LOANS!
-he says no negative effects on quality or ops despite severe cuts- cuz this is an exercise in marketing and removing the power of the student narratives rather than an effort at true engagement
-fyi the comments and questions exchange requires you to use 'the app' -- the youtube video is unlisted and comments disabled...
BTW, see these links and consider the connections:

Executive Chair of Google to Speak at UC Berkeley Commencement

36 State Attorneys General Express "strong concerns" with Google's New Privacy Policy Which It Intends To Roll Out Soon.

Privacy Concerns Flare With Google, Facebook

Google Privacy Policy: 36 Attorneys General Express Strong Concerns

and then look up UC at this site.
What's next? Mario Savio- The App? FSM- The App?

(Really, it should be called UC Administration- The App. Much of what happens on Sproul Plaza can't be contained in an app- but they just don't 'get it.')

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