Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“not necessarily the most collaborative executive.”

part of why things are the way they are:

California's lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom joins us to discuss the role of the office of the lieutenant governor. And, as a board member of both the University of California and CSU, we'll hear Newsom's ideas about the changes in higher education in California.
more on non collaborative executives, both jr. and sr.:
@mark_yudof Mark G. Yudof "I am delighted to welcome my friend @SenFeinstein to Twitter!"
and he is up at the Lab with Chu
But does Yudof ever go to the Cal campus to meet regular everyday students and staff...(he could have joined Edley and Robinson yesterday- that might have packed in Pauley)
remember when Birgeneau said he got chewed out on the phone by Di Fi in November after the ruckus? Did a good friend tell her to do that, hmm?
something happening here.

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