Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Physical Bullying' at UCLA? huh? and a different kind of March Madness

Doesn't that normally get called somethin' else?

UCLA's basketball program is gettin' some serious slammin' lately:

Special Report: Not the UCLA Way

Drug use, lack of discipline said to be part of UCLA decline
Huff Po gave it these headlines: UCLA Basketball Players Undermined Discipline, Morale Under Ben Howland: REPORT and they also headlined it "Wild Wild Westwood - The Fall Of UCLA Basketball"

It wasn't always like this -- in case you didn't know.

John Wooden’s 7 Point Creed was given to him by his father Joshua upon his graduation from grammar school – it is:

Be true to yourself.
Make each day your masterpiece.
Help others.
Drink deeply from good books.
Make friendship a fine art.
Build a shelter against a rainy day.
Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

More here.

It used to be great... Clean It Up, Now. Used to be-- used to be--

(H/T UD on the USA Today article.)
for links to details on different kinds of March Madness see Remaking The University
Does Oxford carry curriculum on Led Zep?
Like an Oxford DeCal - but in this case call it 'DeOxford' or somethin'?--jus' wonderin'...

Oxford University Gets $41 Million From Ahmet Ertegun

Special credit for an RP capstone?

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