Monday, February 27, 2012

POTUS: More than 40 States Cut Funding For Higher Ed; and 250,000 teachers lost

His morning meeting at the White House with the National Governors Association had many points:

He, once again, made clear he is not just talking about snobby four year institutions in higher ed-- he is also always talking about vocational training as part of those discussions on resources and reforms in higher ed.

His comments begin at the 6:00 mark and run about twenty minutes.

In other news, this story (or series of stories) about a UCLA alum and a UC Berkeley alum-- one of them recently handled an $860 million transaction on UC bonds-- the Daily Mail is even covering it in its wild way.

and San Francisco City College Trustees get paid for attending their scheduled meetings even if they don't attend them...

This is why folks are preoccupied with these issues.

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