Saturday, February 25, 2012

Round Up: Political Theater And Insight From The B Schools etc.

We're supposed to believe that Di Fi does any hand wringing over $15 mil --or wonders/worries over what Jerry Brown's next move will be? --really?

There is this take on the Gov's latest moves and blowback-- lots of Fiat on that Lux!

Gavin is having issues...calling for elimination of his own job - does this mean he feels he has no real meaningful work/input as an ex officio UC Regent? what does that say about the ex officio UC Regents?
Andrew Jenks in an interesting interview on millenials this week related to the new student movement.

The interview with Matt Segal was pretty good. Matthew Segal is co-founder and President of Our Time

Reclaim has a take on how it all intersects.

Risk Management is drawing more students at the B Schools -there was a piece on that but can't find it- anyway, risk management was not enough to save a $1,000,000.00 piece of art at Cal...oh well, it will still be on display in some public space in San Marino etc.-- this is the attitude when risk management fails...

HBCUs are joining with Haas B School on certain efforts -recall Tom Joyner and HBCUs are also going into on line ed in a big way -- not sure how it all links up but they are both happening concurrently.

The B Schools and Engineering schools offer a stark contrast to this: UC Berkeley Drops In Income Potential Report Rankings --UCLA too...

sigh, yes The B-Schools...

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