Thursday, February 2, 2012

Told Ya March UC Regent Meeting Will Be Big...

but one other thing will be happening at the beginning of March- this update on a very sad story-- that always points out how differently each group is treated- lately the disparity between how the Regents are treated as compared to the Prof. How are the Regents really held to account in this process?

Riverside: UCR rally protests police action

UC Riverside Discusses January Protest Clash

Regents Will Consider UC-Riverside Student Plan for Alternative to Tuition in March

--in addition to their receiving reports from the investigative committees at UCD and UCB at this same meeting.

UCSD Buys Bankrupt Nevada Cancer Facility who could possibly be worried about $ or the size of UC already being unwieldy?

the MSM still breathing life into a bad idea: Student proposal: Pay college tuition after graduation

Prof. Lustig-viewing this changes lives--but... "Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Alcohol and Tobacco?" --Maybe sugar could fund public higher ed... not likely.

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  1. yo, that ANTV article is poorly done, there's no jury at an arraignment, for example. She was working alone? Not what I recall from previous reports, there were two other people in the room at the time. However 'working alone' might mean those other two people were minding their own business, physically present yet not looking over her shoulder. Too bad they were not more specific in that regard.

    If the following is true, it will not play out well for the professor in front of a jury:
    "The investigation revealed that Harran was aware that his employees did not customarily wear lab coats." My take is still the one I stated before: how on earth can you read that label on the bottle and not put on your lab coat? Personal responsibility.

    The delay probably bodes well for Harran, the first whiff of a deal in the works, perhaps. Maybe the UC is going to try to throw money at the family to make it all go away. They don't strike me as the type likely to be appeased by money, but then again everybody has a price. Maybe the UC will propose a scholarship in her name to go along with the settlement.

    You know UC will work all angles to get any outcome other than conviction: that's the ultimate PR stain that's at stake here, and the Regents know it.