Wednesday, February 22, 2012

US News And World Report Gets Smackdown By UC PR Reps

"But UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof said that “much of what U.S. News presented was a bit off.”

Mogulof and staff compiled a table with “fully vetted, fully up-to-date data” from UC campuses that contradicted the article’s findings. According to the campus data, UC Davis was the most expensive to attend for out-of-state students, costing $36,738 in 2011-12 tuition and fees.

The U.S. News article said UC Berkeley cost $34,645 for out-of-state tuition and fees in 2011-12, but campus figures put the cost at $35,712 — a $1,067 difference.

In the 2011-12 academic year, UC Berkeley was cheaper in terms of tuition and fees for out-of state students than the Irvine, Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Riverside campuses.

Mogulof speculated that the data from the article were inaccurate because the news agency had not gone back to pick up final 2011-12 data from each institution after July 2011 and did not consistently capture increases in tuition or in campus-based fees as a result.

U.S. News and World Report did not respond to a request for comment.

UC Irvine spokesperson Cathy Lawhon said she did not know where the article’s figures came from.

“From going to the various UC campus websites, none of the figures on the U.S News article look accurate,” Lawhon said.

From Daily Cal
In other news:

University Of California System Easily Sells $860M Century Bond

Lisa Chan, the actress in the DebbieSpenditnow Pete Hokestra ads, is a Cal Bear. --she may have done the most to secure Debbie Stabenow's re-election.

Following criticism, UC Berkeley creates new protest response guidelines
Daily Cal is having major problems with their comments section but isn't even posting an explanation-- they should -- this has been goin' on for days and is confusing.

Also, one of their stories includes this sentence on Warren Hellman :"Hellman famously campaigned to save the pensions of thousands of City of San Francisco workers." -- is the author of that piece talking about the Jeff Adachi (Cal Bear) Prop B -for it then against it- stance Hellman took when labor was needed for the weekend work of Hardly Strictly? or what?

would ask the question but the comments section at Daily Cal is broken/buggy.
fascinating how if this happens in the hills everyone 'freaks out'-- but if it happens in the flats 'uuhhmmph, well, ya know'...crickets from the folks in the hills.

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