Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Why is rich UC draining more City of Berkeley resources -- again?!"

that is the outraged tone and question being asked over and over due to this latest very sad and painful set of events:

The victim had called police on a nonemergency line after first seeing Dewitt, according to sources familiar with the case. But police were busy monitoring an Occupy Oakland march to UC Berkeley, and officers were dispatched only to high-priority calls.

An officer who noticed the call about Dewitt on his computer told a dispatcher he would respond, but was told not to go, sources said.

-- the Occupy March is also being described as more of a march from Doe Library to I House- both UC campus properties- by a couple of dozen peaceful folks...couldn't UCPD handle that, can't UC afford to pay UCPD to do it? Just left with many questions and the loss.
Berkeley Man, 67, Slain Outside His House In Hills

Daily Cal also covers it- Man Assaulted and Killed in Berkeley, Suspect Detained -- Daily Cal has also been covering a number of similar but less lethal incidents occurring around campus and the entire city over the past year.

Is the Bratton -or any other UC report coming out in March- going to address each respective city's needs and loss of resources to each respective campus? Hot spot that issue. Really hoping now that the Bratton report is -at least - thorough.

We are supposed to be so grateful for the revolving door between city, state positions and high level UC positions - but to what end, what campus and town benefits result?

Was the newly formed Cal Committee on Campus Protests (CCCP- oy!) calling the shots on the night of this disturbing event above- what was their role? How much muscle do they flex with the city? Who sits on that committee? Who do they report to?

Also see DailyCal's: Birgeneau Emphasized Enforcing No Tent Rule, Emails Show

btw, there were a couple of deaths as a result of taser use nationwide over the weekend that were covered by CNN and their sister network HLN -- reminded of this post from Remaking the University.

Aren't public research universities marketing themselves as places that are geared toward helping extend and improve life through research rather than causing loss of life?

Maybe UC can just fix it all with the ol' "we've created a new center to study"...
Also, Remaking has two pieces written by 'Anon Staff' about Operational Excellence as experienced by staff - a very poignant must read:

Shared Services Part I

Shared Services Part II

Those pieces mention that cubicle rat mazes will likely be coming soon to Cal. UCOP loves a good cubicle rat maze - UCOP has floors and floors of them- beige/dirty off white panel cubicle rat maze here, there, everywhere- it looked like one of the most soul stealing spaces in downtown Oakland... but probably a few less of them since the supposed downsizing/layoffs/migration to UC campuses initiatives of some UCOP staff.

Bravo on writing those two posts!
Not so Operationally Excellent--there is this outrageous story about how UC Berkeley 'lost' one million dollars worth of art- $1,000,000.00 -recently:
Bargains At UC Berkeley
Just poof- gone...
The New York Times cuts to the chase:
"It’s hard to imagine losing something longer than a pickup truck,” he added, referring to what he called Berkeley’s “amazing incompetence.”

“It’s astounding,” he said.

In correspondence with the federal government, Andrew Goldblatt, who has the stressful-sounding title of assistant risk manager for the university, described the sale of the Johnson piece as “an error of ignorance.”
(bold emphasis ours)
What the he//, Cal?!
Just gotta go back--yep, he really said it: "Quan Land"- that is a pretty interesting way of referring to 1) the mayor of- and 2) the city that is home to: University of California Office of the President. Birgeneau did that while he was on a livin' large junket in China no less, the ironies.
Daily Cal also has coverage on the launch of online courses and with comparisons to MIT's courses...uuggghhhh. The first course: Art History and Art Appreciation- a jest.

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