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Desperate But Not Serious...

Daily Cal makes clear that this thing extends to UC staff in Sacramento Government Relations Office:
"An email sent Nov. 8 to campus spokesperson Claire Holmes and other administrators from State Government Relations Director Kieran John Flaherty summarized the forum and called Hancock’s discussion of the 2009 Wheeler Hall occupation unfortunate." see Daily Cal for full story.

Vanguard Covers New Events At UC Davis and they follow up further on the story here.

New Video of Most Recent UC Regent Protest

This is many things other than comforting: Big Grant for Big Data

(this is an old headline that LA Times is covering instead of details on the latest UC Regents meeting for some reason)
California state colleges weigh asking students about sexual orientation

UC's leftist echo chamber drowns out diverse voices

How California's Colleges Indoctrinate Students
A new report on the UC system documents the plague of politicized classrooms. The problem is national in scope.

Here is the "Report Prepared for UC Regents" by the National Scholars and Californian Scholars Assn

An update, Provost Pitts and Bob Anderson respond to the report in the LA Times
LA Times doesn't mention it but:
UCSC's John Ellis wrote the piece along with Charles L. Geshekter, Chairman, CAS (Peter W. Wood, President, NAS and Stephen H. Balch, Chairman,NAS)

John Ellis wrote this piece previously: A Tangled Web At Berkeley

on his co-author... it looks like there is a Charles L. Geshekter from Chico State- teaches African History- discussing AIDS in this series on YouTube. The title of the series uses the term 'AIDS Dissident'.
Desperate But Not Serious

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Birgeneau wrote that “as usual Skinner and Hancock only know how to do damage.”

in light of Birgeneau's comments : "The documents show campus officials deriding state Senator Loni Hancock, D-Oakland, and state Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, who had voiced support for the Occupy movement at a campus rally before the protest. In one email, Birgeneau wrote that “as usual Skinner and Hancock only know how to do damage.” from: this DailyCal story. - and let's not forget his comments on 'Quanland'

And, Blum's comments today on UC should sue the state-see immediate previous post- wanted to pass along the CA Assembly meetings recently held on higher ed posted at Cal Channel, (you might recall that a joint legislative body co-chaired by Lowenthal and Block was supposed to convene early this month to discuss the findings of the pepper spray report-- those meetings are now obviously seriously behind schedule due to the hold up on the release of the pepper spray reports- no word on when they might take place or if they will still be held.)

here is: the first part

and here is: the second part

and here is: Assembly Informational Hearing on Improving Higher Education Oversight & Governance - critically important conversation on CPEC demise and future replacement, Admissions, Master Plan and Changes to it, and connections to K-12. Steve Boilard,LAO Karen Humphrey, CPEC, Gordon K. Davies, Lumina Foundation Project University of Virginia-- also CSU's Lillian Taiz and a rep from CSAC/Cal Grant make important comments in the public comments toward the end.

Blum Raises Idea Of UC Should Sue State of CA

The Bottom Line has a story that attributes comments somewhat differently at the UC Regents Meeting-- part of the problem of only providing audio.

DailyCal on budget and pension dispute at Regent meeting

UCOP press release on multi year funding plan

On the Gilded and more

Daily Cal Coverage
On the Spring Break Beach Party
Below are notes-not quotes-scribbles of what could be deciphered on audio of UC Regents meeting today- will link above to pertinent coverage of the meeting today- there was much to take in/cover.
(btw, Regent Makarachian (we call him Regent M) raised really good questions in yesterday's buildings projects meeting- he is an expert on the subject but also raises concerns for us sometimes for the same reason, see his tab above for more background-- anyway, the UCLA hotel thing was not discussed any further today after all and will be taken up again in May- guess the committee, upon further reflection, decided to shelve it til May)
agenda and background docs for section below can be found here.
"They Haven't Been Asked"-- Ed Pol Funding Outreach meeting

Regent M makes good point on saying set a percentage from donations for student tuition

Admin tries really hard to strike the idea down- 'we can't tell donors what to do' -- esp if our chancellors are whispering in our ears that they want a new building too.

Hewlett Chairs raised as example of setting aside a % of donation $ for student tuition

the dev officers keep striking the idea down- can't tell the donors, can't suggest it to the donors -- (btw that is bs)

these are the same admin approaches that have not pursued the $$ all this time- the regents are telling us that the corps have never been hit up for scholarships "they haven't been asked" so the same people who have not asked on that are also saying they can't ask or suggest to donors for a percentage of donations to go to student services or tuition etc

this is coming across like the admins have not been working for the students - they have been working to fund the UC hospital machine (mostly hospital admin-- not care)

that is what is coming through

(the other part-- in addition to student tuition, there needs to be a discussion about the amount of funding and effort - or lack thereof - for career services for students and alumni-- but we never hear or see presentations on that)

btw, remaking linked to a story that supports what regent blum later mentioned in his discussion of seeking silicon valley donations as funding for tuition.

Blum also made the important comment and break down of the fundraising numbers and clarified how it is mostly for the hospitals/med and how the demonstrators/protestors concerns in this are not being addressed- the funding is not going to relief on tuition. Listen to this exchange when the audio is available - it is important. The administrators are not heeding the advice the regents have given on this for a long while now. UCOP and Yudof need to make clear to the UC admins dev officers that they need to go after money that is not just for the UC hospital machine- or they need to increase efforts on the other side- they need to say this to their staff publicly.

UC Berkeley and UCLA are the top feeders to Silicon Valley and -at the same time- the Chancellors want to control the outreach to the valley-fifedoms in full effect-that is another factor in this- the approach may be to the detriment of the system as a whole. And then there is the competition between K-12 and higher ed in getting $$$-- a billionaire daughter is pushing a huge effort on behalf of K-12 here is more info.

viral video campaigns-- let's play like we are on the set of Mad Men ---let's be like Kony 2012 but without the running in the streets in underwear or sans underwear...

someone mentions Speaker Perez middle class scholarship effort --but that may not have much life

Yudof sounded patronizing of the UCSA representative on the above -- kinda like -- oh gee $600 million that'd be great we'd gladly take it that - pie in the sky pat on the head subtext...

UCSA presents on their March efforts/rally at Capitol. Esp Cal Grants.

They thank Keifer, Varner, Lansing, Newsom for meeting with students-say they would appreciate it if other regents made outreach to also interact with students. But express concern that students have not been included in the loop on UCOP negotiations with the Governor etc. Yudof says millionaires tax is gone- not going anywhere. Lozano wants a mechanism for regents to be able to individually option into advocacy efforts of student groups.

The students and others need to fight to make sure a healthy % goes not to shiny new buildings etc and goes to tangible on campus work and student support
Finance: Agenda background docs can be found here
Peter Taylor Nathan Brostrom Dan Dooley present.
You simply must listen to the audio of the finance meeting and take your time through it-- many many many many points in it that give a huge number of leads on economic trends and CA future and politics, will link to any cliff notes the fellowship of the ring create if any are created.
Brostrom starts talking about the status of budgets and staffing and enrollment at the campuses-- dismal/daunting numbers

2 billion in new expenses by 2016-17

Gatorade and FL higher ed- tech transfer prime example- for real?

Pattiz says that public comment was a bunch of people wanting rice in every bowl but no one wanting to pay for it...

Newsom says some strong- very strong -comment against the Governor's approach/politics/props- during Patrick Taylor's presentation

Time to degree metrics, transfer student acceptance rates that the state wants UC to follow through on are part of the multi year deal negotiations.

Bonnie Reiss brings up compacts she and former Gov. Arnie made with former UC Pres Dynes in the Gov office and all of the fallout of it- wants to warn publicly that the legislature must be included in order for any agreement or compact to have any meaning.

Blum makes some 99% comments - listen to them. says his dad died at 49 when he was ten years old- his mom could not have afforded to send him to UC - even though tuition was $75 (?) fee then -- he goes on about many aspects of finance and talks about his support of Brown's proposition and that he wants to see the state have one final opportunity to become a reliable partner-- he has said for the past decade that the state is an unreliable partner. He would like to see the board support Brown's prop and make sure any negotiation must include real support of UC- something consequential, real and lasting for UC.

Pattiz asks if we (uc) are being asked now to participate in the political process -- (he did not realize that UC and his seat are part of the political process?) he says that he "thought the students in public comment were complete idiots" but that the students are right on some points. "We need to make sure that we get ours"-- he says that several times. (He should have just let Blum's comments stand alone- they were more impactful --less unnecessarily incendiary.)

Regent Island says something like we believed in the tooth fairy and he can't believe we put tuition increases in the negotiations- that this is a misstep. reserve the question of tuition increases for when they are necessary. we will lift tuition by $4000 a year if we include it as part of the regimen. do tuition increases reluctantly not as part of annual regimen. It makes no difference if it is the gov or the speaker or the legislature who UC 'agrees' with if the money is not there in the end.

Newsom negotiating is good - Bonnie is right just don't do it in the same way as Schwarzenegger-- but still the agreement is not worth much - does not have faith that it will transcend a single fiscal year, b/c it can't. Tyranny of low expectations- political window dressing. Raise bar dramatically on negotiations and take tuition hikes off the table. He agrees with Island that this is a misstep- one can hear Lansing or another female regent agreeing with these comments strongly.

Taylor or Dooley is raising his voice in anger/frustration and tries to explain their tactics/stance in the negotiations.

This is a real conversation now. You must listen to this exchange.

Wachter covers temp tax revenue, k-12, where is the general fund rev going to- Prop 98 guarantee discussed. Agrees with Newsom - UC expectations are way too low in these negotiations. We don't have tremendous leverage but if we (regents) are going to sign on to this we have to be clear we are not misleading so we should really go for it on what we expect.

Blum on competing demands -he raises prison guards negotiation example from news articles a few months ago. "What the hell was that all about? was that a payoff?" we have to be real about what goes on in Sacto. Was there a legal obligation of the state to reimburse us?

Pension plan is a haunting nightmare (raises Berkeley- $200 million deficit at end of six years that Brostrom talked about in his presentation)

Dooley says no abrogation of state's obligation on UC pension in our negotiations.

Blum says why the hell we don't take the state to court- if a legal obligation to UC on pension then I say we should sue the state.

Everybody gets riled.

Kiefer concerned about putting things into a state budget item- how that affects UC constitutional autonomy.

Varner each of these concerns are in mind of those on the negotiating team and the UC Pres.

(Is Yudof still in the room?)

Newsom comments revolve around CA higher ed fleeced by over $2 bil precisely because higher ed does not sue the state. That is the game one needs to play- culture of picking pockets in Sacto - pursue looking at sue the state. Governor needs UC Regents to support his prop b/c public overwhelmingly supports public higher ed. Governor does not appear to be sincere in doing something about higher ed but maybe relieving the pressure on the general fund for short term.

Lansing tries to tie bows...then
her final words on audio are " I think the police chief would like to speak to the regents, no" --

the meeting lead up with headlines about how Yudof will ask Regents to endorse Brown's props this november--but the meeting ends with the alpha regent saying UC should pursue suing the

other UC Regent Meeting docs can be found: here
Leland Yee and others in hoodies
and many angry at what is happening in education on every level.

Leadership means commentary that sheds light rather than stokes from the regent table- in these times esp.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Operational Exodus and Brain Drain

those are some of the labels that we place on posts from time to time.

but over the last two days the administration has given us a front row seat to how it plays out:

Yesterday, Regent De La Pena chaired a meeting where the UC Regents were informed about how the medical billing/coding practices at the student health centers have been handled lo these many years they have been in operation- some vocational school students could speak to how medical billing/appt coding is important-- but some of this discussion seemed like this was new info to the folks in charge- it was chilling...what have folks been doing all this time? There have been high priced leadership at the student health centers for decades- what were they doin'?! De La Pena has to point this out to them?

There also was a rather desultory presentation on the Healthcare Affordability Act as it relates to UC med. And then there was Regent Pattiz going on and on at points in time when he prolly shoulda just let the presenters-- present...

Today, Regent Makarechian and Regent Newsom were long suffering through a presentation about the proposed UCLA conference center (the plans were CPRA requested by the UCLA Faculty Assn but they did not receive the items timely from UC admins in advance of the meeting- go to their blog to read the history)-- anyway, Makarechian asked some basic questions about transferability of funding etc. that could not be answered- the regents said they needed answers to these questions, but no answers- then the regents were asked to approve the action item so that UCLA would not lose the gift-- even though the Regents did not have questions answered about the design either -- then, Makarechian tried to meet them more than half way and asked how much funding do you need 'til the May meeting when we can look at this item and vote after you give us more answers at the May meeting-- guess what happened?- UCLA folks said 'we need $10.2 million til May'- Regent M said he thought that was way too much for such a short period of time- a few minutes later (literally!) the UCLA folks said 'okay we just need $3 million' - Regent M and Gavin got a li'l annoyed at that point- 'due respect but' and they told the UCLA folks "get serious, sharpen the pencils" -" You guys just went from $10 to $3 million in under a few minutes" "you're just throwing darts on the wall" etc.

So - as incredible as that exchange on the UCLA conference center was --then, went over to Daily Cal where they have several stories on the happs at the UC Regents meeting- but what we found instead was this as the headline: UC Berkeley administration’s Occupy Cal emails released

with this in the story: "In one email to Birgeneau and Breslauer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Claire Holmes referred to a well-known protester as “dumpster muffin” while in another message campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof states his desire to send the protesters “on a slow boat to Sacramento.”

all of the administrators mentioned in these stories are making well into the six figures and these folks are coming off -- way bad-- not the A team at the helm- anywhere it seems...

Dumpster muffins and those on a slow boat to Sacto and all others are being asked by Daily Cal to flag any interesting email exchanges they find in this latest release...

Daily Cal stories on UC Regents meeting here and here

try to listen to audio archive of this month's uc regents meeting if you can- and decide for yourself.

it is a hot mess at UC.

Fiat Lux.

Remaking takes a serious look at the UCLA issue Net Negatives of Private Fundraising
and once again UCLA Fac Blog covers the UC Regents Meetings in: this post and this post.

a final thought-perhaps a takeaway- for those UCLA admins who presented today: if the faculty are willing to look at your draft in advance of grading-- you should take them up on it.

Pepper Report May Never See Light of Day

take a close look at the latest developments, this could go on and on: Judge tentatively OKs redacting cop names from pepper spray report

UC Regents Meeting

has started, listen here.

Battle Lines Largely Remain the Same Headed to a Today's Court Hearing on Release of Pepper Spray Report

Judge to rule on release of UC pepper-spray report

Occupy Cal protesters’ stay-away orders could be overturned next week

this reads like revisionist and sanitized- and avoids many current and recent events: Birgeneau interview in Macleans.

is this an appropriate way to engage all staff in the process of picking a new chancellor? how many faculty are included? how many students? alumni? local town folks? who picks- how and why?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Gilding, No Rock Walls, No Spas, But You May Have (Dark) Chocolate

Yudof takes a position: UC President To Act On Executive Pension Demand
you can find this action detail in the regents agenda more background also here.

Yudof also has been talking about no rockwalls or spas in his outreach effort.-- mostly to the chambers, as usual.

Meanwhile, he stirred it up, but now: Asked about the status of their pension demand, Edley paused. "It's nothing I want to discuss," he said. "I'm not going to talk about it."

Edley will instead talk about protests and campus space to the regents this week- gilded engagement rolls on.

he may have caught on to wide public sentiment:

Cal State University Raises For College Presidents Slammed For Being 'Tone Deaf'

What Would You Do? UC Davis Students Complain About Rising Fees
They think the state budget is a mess. CSU schools are freezing enrollment. Fees are rising in the UC system. What do UC Davis students think about all of this?

But the Gilded should take heart: UCSD says you can eat chocolate.

UC Regents Meetings Begin Today

meeting runs from March 27 -29, see agenda and links to listen to audio. you have to look for the "in progress" link - when it appears, click on it-sometimes it disappears, but when you see it click on it if a new window appears saying the webcast feed is turned off -- then keep refreshing the page or go back a step until you can hear the audio --yes, this is the level of technology UC Regents embrace...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Bad Juju"

On Sunday Morning:
Actions by Trustees, Inactions by Sacramento Fuel Outrage of Students
"In their hasty and ill-conceived defense, the university official on Wednesday conceded that the raises were "bad optics...bad juju" in light of budget cuts and enrollment restrictions,"

and see:
Supporting Student Loan Forgiveness Legislation

The New Tax Initiative and UC Funding

UC Review Backs Use Of Pepper Spray On Protesters
"It's scary," said Josh Anderson, a graduate student in English who took baton strikes to his head and torso. "This isn't an analysis; it's propaganda. It sounds like a tactical handbook for warfare against students."

This asks an interesting question: Finance?

Antidote for Bad Juju- and more to the point on the above:
Ain't Gonna Stand For It

Friday, March 23, 2012

UC Shared Services, Student Services and other OE items

OE shared services likely coming to your UC campus based on this Cal model, so: view the broadcast to get a sense of how it might play out where you are:
Timekeeping (Timesheets)- Begins
IT Productivity (includes student STC participants): 30:00
Shared Services (includes faculty): 1:17
High Performance Culture 2:16
Student Services 2:50
Cal Planning (Budget) 3:20
Data Mngmnt 3:50
IT Governance 4:25

Energy Savings and Purchasing- Procure to Pay Reporting is also covered in a separate link.

**the schedule descriptions and other background also available: here**

(Lots and lots of tech glitches and choppy editing- how long does one need to stare at a powerpoint slide to intro a new session?- but worth viewing if you are working or studying on a UC campus. Shared Services section had some meaningful faculty-staff exchanges.

The disappointing part: lots of "it will be" --chicken in every pot dreams of how it will be in the future,"concrete mantras" on perf mngmnt w/ a pic of MLK,oy, 'answers in the foyer', --and lots of stuff that was supposedly already addressed and fixed in previous years- that alot of $$$$$ already went out for-- but apparently not cuz it is getting more $$$$$ to try to fix it again...many have seen the dog and pony show before.)

Lots of IT stuff in the items above - one of the head IT guys resigned around the same time as Chancellor Birgeneau.
Along with the IT stuff above consider this ode to UC: Repress U, Class of 2012: 7 Steps to a Homeland Security Campus

Bring Pepper To Cal?

and Cal Administration messed up...that's what is in this new report/story: UC Police Review of Occupy Cal Protest Critical of Administration, Justifies Baton Use

also, see this response.

and this piece by Cal grad students and teachers: UC Berkeley and Its Lawful Business

So Much To

round up, but see: Questions linger as regents consider new UCLA conference center plan

CSU is now calling for increasing the diversity of stakeholders who serve as trustees and many other tacts that those of us concerned about UC have long been calling for- highly recommend this piece and the white paper- see how it relates to UC: California State University Leaders Modeling The “People’s University” After The “For-Profit Education Sector”
“For-Profit Higher Education and the California State University: A Cautionary Tale,”

Daily Cal for many stories on the upcoming UC Regents Meeting, OE and multiple other stories

also, check out the FAQ tab and Bloglist for other links to info...
Cal's Jennifer Granholm expressed it well on Trayvon. -- but there is so much to-- say, do, feel, process, grieve.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some UC Davis Task Force Members Pushing Their Weight Around Apparently

who could it be?: the below posted at UCOP

Former California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso, chair of the task force looking into the Nov. 18, 2011, events at the University of California, Davis, sent the following letter today (March 20) to UC President Mark G. Yudof:
March 20, 2012
Dear President Yudof,

I received an update from the General Counsel's office this weekend regarding the hearing that took place last Friday, March 16, 2012 following the Alameda County Superior Court's ruling to grant in part and deny in part a preliminary injunction regarding the Task Force report.
As you are aware, at this hearing, the Court focused on portions of the Task Force report, as well as the accompanying report from the Kroll consulting group, that could be released to the public. While the Court identified portions of the report that could be made public, attorneys for the police union asked to review large portions of the report before committing to release those portions to the public. The Judge then ordered both parties to confer and come back to court on March 28, 2012. On advice from General Counsel, there is a good chance that the Task Force will be able to release the report in its entirety following this hearing.
As I previously stated, the Task Force has worked very hard and diligently over the past few months to ensure that the Davis community and the public get a thorough account of the events that took place on November 18, 2011, and has produced thoughtful recommendations to meet your charge to the Task Force. Releasing portions of the Task Force report in piecemeal fashion would provide a skewed view of our findings and undercut the rationale behind our recommendations. In effect, it would provide the campus a distorted view of our work and undermine our efforts with an incomprehensive account of the events that took place. In fact, several Task Force members have indicated they will be compelled to withdraw their support of authorship.
To be clear, it is very important to the Task Force to engage the UC Davis community first and foremost to address the incidents that occurred on our campus last November. There is still healing and understanding that needs to take place, and the full Task Force report — in its entirety — serves to address this in a straightforward and candid fashion.
I also want to convey to you my personal perspective on the disservice this statute has brought about in permitting a lawsuit which has thus far prevented the university community and the public from receiving the report. Nonetheless, we want to move as expeditiously as possible for the public release of the Task Force report; however, considering the Court's actions I am proposing to release the Task Force report the first week of April, subject to any further legal action.
Cruz Reynoso

(bold emphasis added to highlight is ours)

UC Now 'University of Stay Away'

now there's branding for you-- almost as good as etch a sketch: see this and this.

In the land of UCSF...

No doctors or dentists at several stations has caused needy patients to be sent away for this effort today.
Empty fully equipped stations just in need of docs and nurses etc.
If you can help or want to help: here is a link.

with Stanford, University of the Pacific, and many others etc just down the road.
Some potential patients sent away today w/out care are from as far away as Napa...they were not given numbers or appts for later-they will have to try line up for care later this weekend if they are able to.
Same thing happened in LA a few months ago...why?
Doesn't higher ed - both private and public-realize this is good training and potentially good PR opportunity within the communities where their campuses are located?

Remember the UC Regent who claimed he was a dem and slammed 'Obamacare' all the time- oh yeah, he isn't a regent anymore but some of the others who joined in those sorts of comment still are...

read this: To stay fiscally healthy, state's hospitals want fewer patients

Hospitals want Stay Away too...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Disparate Explanations

two disparate explanations- ya know kinda like when they violated Bagley Keene at the regents meeting with that filmmaker and the UC spokespeople were saying...two disparate explanations, well see:UC Violates Law In Delaying Pepper-Spray Report Release, Experts Say -- pls note this is about UC Davis and not about: a similar story published today by Daily Cal about UC Berkeley- or about the other story today about: the academic senate and faculty associations CPRA requests that were unfulfilled-- hard to keep up...
Deepening Chill In Berkeley: A Recap of Political Repression Against Campus Protest

and feel free to sign this petition - it is open to all- but recall another petition where there are over 115,000+ signatures calling for Linda Katehi to resign and...

Come On Now...

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, a member of the committee, promises that Republicans will support Yee’s bill. “This will make trustees think twice about raising student fees or tuition because it would limit executive compensation,” he said. “It would also stop the practice of building up the value for college presidents and chancellors by capping the amount they can pay.”

Sure, Democrats will defeat Yee’s bill and pass Alquist’s hollow PR gambit. But, Republicans also deserve some of the blame for the bill’s defeat. GOP Senators should have championed Yee’s bill earlier in the process, signed up the entire caucus as co-authors and made it a central component of their March message. They didn’t because that idea never crossed their minds. Republican legislators don’t know how to win.

You have to read the whole thing.

Lawmakers reject bill to curb pay hikes at California public universities
Committee Protects The 1%, Condones CSU's Bad Behavior

"The bill would prohibit trustees from increasing any monetary compensation of an university executive officer for two years if fees were rising or state appropriations for the system were being reduced. It also would cap the salary increase for any new executive at 5 percent of that paid to his or her predecessor. And it would ask University of California regents to abide by the same rules, although the UC system is constitutionally independent."

more here


"UCLA has now given the Faculty Association a version of the hotel/conference center business plan dated February 9, 2012. The problem is that the Faculty Association had a public documents request pending since last November. There is a long interval between February 9 and March 20 when the February 9 document was made available. (It was made available to a neighborhood group on March 19.) " ..."Note that it is not just the Faculty Association that was denied access for a lengthy period. So, too, was the Academic Senate." See the full post.

and this recent Daily Cal story.
recall CalAware gave UC an F on compliance.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brown Blunt On College Presidents and CSU Latest Raises

"I think there are a lot more people that can be college presidents, maybe even some of you," Brown said.

When asked if he could be one, Brown told reporters, "I have no doubt that I could be a college president, and I think a number of legislators could since basically it involves raising money, it involves being diplomatic with all the different constituencies, including the faculty and it takes some skill."

Brown said the salaries were inappropriate because students and average citizens are struggling.

"A lot of public employers think that they have to give pay raises, and I don't think so, because the average person has not gotten a pay raise, and the kids have been paying more in tuition," Brown said. "So I think they have to find ways of attracting people, and they have to widen the pool."

The blunt statement was made hours before the Cal State Board of Trustees considered approving annual salaries of more than $300,000 for the presidents of Cal State Fullerton, Mildred Garcia, and of East Bay, Leroy Morishita."

also see Sac Bee

All while this is happening: Cal State to close door on spring 2013 enrollment
a bit of good news possible on commmunity colleges from the UCDC folks: Community colleges in line for federal largesse
Lots of pieces at Daily Cal including on increases in patents etc. and:
Student reflections on shared governance
and some of their thoughts on Birgeneau and
Thoughts from C. Judson King

an editorial from some students joining with the profs letter requesting an independent investigation of the RES debacle scandal outrage --the comments there also raise good points

and this very important piece
Even in the face of loss...seems like story after story of it...
Embrace Spring.

Monday, March 19, 2012

“The people at the top are doing better than ever, the top one percent," he said during a presidential campaign speech at UC Santa Cruz in 1992. “The problem is, is that the one percent...this is the group that controls politics."

some notable quotes from the Governor in this story.
and see this other story:
One State Senator angrily approached a UC student leader after a forum on education funding and warned him: “you gotta stop talking about that Millionaire’s Tax.” When he replied the Millionaire’s Tax was attracting a lot of grass-roots support on campus, the Senator (whose district includes one of the nine UC campuses) replied tersely: “well, students don’t vote.”

UC Regents to Students(?): We don't want you around...

take a look at: when the UC Regent March meetings have traditionally occurred- the middle or early part of March.

Now they have scheduled it at the very end of March- in the middle of spring break for Cal...

Daily Cal covers some aspects of their agenda.

Over Hyped and Disappointing?

Sherry Lansing and some current and former UC Deans and faculty have connections to this: California Stem Cell Agency Ponders Its Future

After Birgeneau: Berkeley’s Privatized Future

AG Harris (UC alum) appoints Prof. Porter to key position
Rest in Peace Prof. Sherry Rowland UCI Nobel Prize winner.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gilded Engagement

Last month, UC Davis had set up an "engagement team" that was made up of a police negotiator, professional mediator and Student Affairs representative, and they had visited the protest site regularly, warning protesters of the potential for criminal prosecution.

"The Vanguard asked specific questions about the engagement team, but was instead given stock information.

"The members of the engagement team serve as communicators between student protesters and administration. We convey and solicit questions, information and responses to questions between those involved in the particular protest event. Our main function is to serve as conduits for information exchange. We engage in dialogue as a means to determine interests and facilitate greater understanding of perspectives in support of resolution," the university told the Vanguard last week.

"The Engagement Team has provided bank occupiers with verbal and written information explaining that violations of student conduct standards may be referred to the Student Judicial Affairs office. Such cases may be resolved informally or through a formal hearing process, with potential penalties ranging from counseling to dismissal,"

see full story
Remember the Gilded 36? Sac Bee covered it - their links to archive go bad quick, but here is some more background. Well, see this story: Will There Be a Pension Lawsuit Over the Cap for the Highly Paid?
Chris Edley and Co. are working on both efforts.
Once again:

A WTF Process To Getting The UC Regents Agenda...

thanks to UCLA Fac Blog we get to see an agenda of some sort: If you're telling them about the UCLA hotel, could you let us in on the secret?

but if you go directly to the UCOP UC Regents Agenda pages: zero zip nada -- pourquoi est-ce le cas?
Erin Go Bragh -Beannachtai Na Feile Padraig Oraibh-Slainte!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A 50,000 Sq Ft Home and Sustainability

and 'Environmental Excellence' at UCLA - it's for the environment - we have celebs coming so...

On UCD:"five officers face the possibility of disciplinary action and that six to 10 are named in the report."

some details revealed but now UC is holding things up...

Not Over...

"the university said Thursday that the matter was not over." Understatement. The profs are realizing some of the slime rolls off onto other areas- and they don't like it. Wonder what a certain former US Labor Secretary and current GSPP faculty member thinks of all of this...(the letter comes from seismo letterhead- aftershock, get it?)
Crusty Needs To Meet Reps of Crunchy and Fried (Calbuzz calls him that) The Governor should meet with the students.
Buildings and more buildings.
on UCD pepper aftermath

on UCB Nov 9th aftermath
Kevin Lacanlale-deepest condolences to his family and friends Rest In Peace Gone to Soon. Splendidly bright.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

UCSC Alum 'n Stanford Prof: "mostly liberal students angry at mostly liberal policies of a mostly liberally governed state."

another view, see: Who's to blame in California?

" in recent years the number of upper-income earners in California has radically shrunk -- by a third between 2007 and 2009 alone. Apparently, wealthy Californians are either fleeing to nearby no-income-tax states or have become less well-off after years of economic downturn, higher taxes, and overregulation of business. Meanwhile, the number of California's Medicaid recipients grew at 70 percent of the general population increase over the last two decades.

In short, there are no longer enough rich Californians "...

-why he goes to Chi town to make the argument- who knows, but love Chicago on St. Pat's!
Didja know : "California is one of 10 states in which lawmakers are allowed to change or add their votes after a bill has passed or failed. In all cases, the lawmaker's change cannot affect the fate of the legislation.

Assembly members in California are among the most aggressive in exercising that option, frequently adding their vote to bills that were taken up while they were not on the floor or changing their votes after the final tally has been announced in the chamber."
see full story.

Some great ideas in this post by Prof. Schwartz
An artificial intelligence winner!

Birgeaneau Responds To Petition Drive, Sends Letter

see: Campus administration sends message to D.A. about November-protest charges

there are many petitions going around right now - so the total number is ??

but the admin has no response or community message on the latest central administration scandal-- but the expressions of frustration and outrage from each part of the community are bubbling up everywhere (it even feels bigger than the pepper or batons -- because it affects livelihoods of all).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


ACLU attempts CPRA with UC again... and more here.

there is this: "After being beaten up by UC Berkeley's police force (and invited guests), some of these students went to the Tang Center, the university's health center, for treatment. And then this happened:".. now, if you are a cynic you might think- oh, they got sexually assaulted by a doc but -no- that did not happen -why would you even think of that?!- instead some interesting HIPAA related stuff happened, read the post. If you are an employee and using CARE services there you also might want to carefully study these items for your consideration. When thinking of UC clinics now --now mainly think of UC Regent De La Pena's recent presentation with all those cautionary warnings about problems with them. Recall there was even discussion of legal ramifications etc. during his presentation at a recent regents meeting--- just really left an indelible impression.

(Thought Birgeneau said that all the troublesome protestors were 'outsiders' -- what are outsiders doin' at Tang?- students go to Tang--hhhmmm)

They also want to know who and how you do -- imagine the data mining possibilities on your UC profile to last forever...but it might help RES decide if they want to give you a raise in the future...--or if you are wanted as a regular patient.

and if you get the vapors or emit an odor-- UCSF might have a problem with you:

"Late Monday night, we received a statement from UCSF Medical Center saying, "UCSF is a smoke-free campus and this includes medical marijuana... even a vaporized form of medical marijuana releases particles in the air that are damaging to the lung. Any particles from vapor and odor could have an impact on other patients and hospital employees."

- is vaporized medical marijuana for a sick patient more dangerous than some folks body order or perfume, make up particles or construction debris on laborers clothing etc.? smokers carry an odor - do they (nicotine smokers, tobacco chewers etc.) shower and put on fresh clothes before they are allowed to enter?

Birgeneau Resigns- Out Dec 2012

breaking news and Daily Cal covers it.

btw meanwhile another $21 Million for Op Ex -- if it just ends up even more of a waste and failure-- oh well, he will be retired...

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Berkeley made a decision to handle this as they saw fit,"

SF Chron covers it well: Cal Official Demoted, Improperly Gave Pay Raises

and Sac Bee includes Fleming's comments on the punishment of being made an -what is the latest euphemism?-- 'individual contributor'?-- while still getting to stay in roughly the same $$$,$$$ bracket- seems to be all the rage for lousy management--less/zero supervisory work with roughly the same pay...the AVC title is the most important thing afterall...and UC thinks that's a great deal-operationally excellent.

Daily Cal for some reason still does not have a handle on the story. Now they are covering it- with some funky comp analysis, maybe they should look a li'l deeper and clarify when they are using unit numbers or campus numbers etc with regard to population who received raises during economic downturn.

Still wondering why the term "hostile workplace" is no where in the coverage in the various stories. Fleming raises length of service in considering sanctions- what does length of service have to do with sanctions for this behavior? What kind of formula is used, what is the ratio? (5 years a graze, 10 years a pinch, 15 a kiss,tenure a... etc??!!)

Impartial, Objective, Being Made An Example, or Intimidation

what does justice look like in these instances?:
updateII: Blame it on the shared services (remember UCOP made RES the role model for shared services, just before RES crashed and burned for a summer and fall from the BFS upgrade?):"UC officials said the rapid increase in Caniezo's pay was justified given the "explosive growth" in the office's size and responsibilities." ROFLMAO

update: (HuffPo has a photo of Leite w/ Ann Jeffrey when they worked on the BP at UC deal-Jeffrey is now chief of staff to VC Wilton and not a part of the story- the photo and the headline are confusing, hopefully they change it soon.)
UC Berkeley manager demoted over improper raises -- interestingly, this is the same manager who penned a brave open letter mildly critical of the new BFS system when RES Ops were suffering through the transition. Coincidence? There was a UCSF Dean...

UCLA political science Professor Michael Lofchie charged with felony --more here

--there is something nagging about these cases...why them? alot of this sort of thing goin' on - sometimes condoned, rewarded, even encouraged--so why them? why slap their wrists (where one gets a cut from about $188,000 to $175,000... and the other charged with a felony) specifically? Or, is it a sign that now 'policies' are going to be 'enforced'?

and in other news: Berkeley Faculty Association calls for Birgeneau to condemn criminal charges against Nov. 9 protesters -one of the key figures also plays role in this story.
more on the petition drive here.
Its a violation of the First Amendment, Let's be perfectly clear

California lawmakers under fire in university budget battles

Off-Scale Salaries and the Privatization of the University

Images and Ironies- A Cheshire Cat Grin and A Letter

many striking images coming in on the blog roll in recent days:

Students Sue UC Over Pepper Spray Interviews

really great still images of the March rally here

Cal's Center for Studies in Higher Ed - with all the emeriti

back slapping vs. critical university studies

there is a fixation on what gets on the book list -- but maybe the studies primarily (and most truthfully) reside in reading the news articles directly.

CSHE is holding this Executive Leadership Hispanic blah blah -could it be one of those 'pay us a few grand per person and add us to your CV' events? -complete with the link to the Claremont-typical- what does an organization like American Association for Hispanics in Higher Education mean to a Ramirez, Gomez or a Quintero -- or, is it just about getting your career/job title ticket stamped?

CSHE- recall peering down into the below foot level office windows, by South Hall - never saw anyone-- just a lot of empty desks, file cabinets, dingy not quite white yellow or beige paint, dirty glass -- never held events that engaged the staff or undergrads or anyone -studies in higher ed that completely avoided the middle and lower level staff narratives and undergrad narratives- a seemingly dead space, but active in certain circles and away from campus.

Yudof writes a letter with descriptors that do not match up to his cheshire mocking grin in this video -- something doesn't add up.

he wants lunch with UCOP staff

says he can't arrange to do the same with students and faculty who have participated in protests... why?

Justice Reynoso warns against the masses:“Having a complete distrust of the police department of this university, of this state.”

- but maybe we are already there (and not specifically with regard to police but to the entire 'system')

the first link above is to a youtube video where a student says "the system doesn't really work for us"

a quote that keeps getting repeated over and over with each new story...

we are already there.
Mr. World Bank answers? questions about Cal's Budget.

The Millionaires Tax is being pitted against social service groups that serves Californians in crisis, sorry to be redundant Californian=crisis. Don't know what is true- but both sides need to get out and educate. Gov talked to SF Chron and others about it. Neon Tommy also covers it.

Looks like he did not reappoint two UC Regents - so, he now has three UC Regent positions to fill...

The CA Dem tent is so big-- now meaningless?? Seems being deep blue isn't helping to fix things. There needs to be a third party?!- there already is, we just don't know its name or power yet.

A UC author gets referred to as an 'authoress', things happening to flags, controversial speakers getting different types of treatment,-- and we find out CA was a major pusher of eugenics, served as a model in fact but CNN can't even get a comment from a CA official, just an old generic apology letter from Gray Davis. No one wants to talk about it.
We have to figure this out. CA images.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

UCD Report Delayed, Thoughts From Student Regent, Coverage

Public release of UC Davis pepper spray task force report postponed!
Here is the UCOP statement
and SF Chron and Daily Cal has more

Slate has a story on UC compensation focused on UCD - great chart- but the reporter's description of his exchange with UCOP -- receiving limited answers and non responsive action-- was disturbing but not surprising, given all of the other incidents other bloggers (including faculty and emeritus faculty) have also experienced.. no reply at all.
UCSD Guardian State of the University discussion on the UC Regents with quotes from the student regent.

The student regent designate also gave an interview. -- it is customary not to speak during the first UC Regent meeting (this breaks down to a quarter of the meetings of the student regent's one year term.) -- seriously? when did that become a custom? there have only been two student regents so far... (update- actually the position goes back to 1975-- but the 'custom'??!!)
Coverage of Capitol Rally and Protest



NBC local

ABC local

Davis Vanguard - great 'mall shot' panoramic photo of crowd and lots of behind the scenes legislation and politics mentioned.
also check out recent posts from the UCLA Fac Assn - one recent post concerns another consultant project - this one could cost half a million dollars for a campus climate survey...and some comments on the politics of the capitol rally.

Rally At The Capitol

looks like this -- pass it on.

Occupiers Converge on Capitol Demanding the One Percent Pay Their Share and Help Reduce Tuition Costs

DailyCal coverage includes audio of Lt Gov's speech

California students protest education cuts at Capitol rally

some of the coverage refers to this story:Harvard And Yale Now Less Costly Than Public California Universities

speaking of Chas. River note how it figures in here: Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls


Out of Community Colleges and Into For-Profits

Saturday, March 3, 2012


In the staffcentric realm there are three pieces you might want to look at:

Mark Yudof answers questions- or tries to- for an hour.

HR UCOP Head DeWayne Duckett for an hour+ - a pdf of his comments also available here. He starts answering questions sent on line at the 15:00 mark. His comments on senior execs wanting greater tools for performance appraisals of senior admin/managers was interesting, and his comments on equity in many areas were also interesting. The answers he gave on parity in educational benefits for staff was a bit perplexing though.

The questions are on finances, benefits, in depth on retirement, and protests etc.

While there, you might also want to see Dean Edley's latest talk on Civil Rights since he is attempting to fill a role on the UC protest investigations, it looks like he is given a long intro by Yudof... --maybe watch for a compare and contrast...civil rights in theory from a podium vs. civil rights in action at UC. Have not viewed it-- but there it is...

This from Daily Cal on the OE Roll On at Cal
The Governor makes clear his position on UCR med -- but still no word from him on the two UC Regent positions.
Love it.
UC Davis folks are going to try to recreate collisions in order to explain this:
Galactic Collision Creates Mysterious 'Dark Core'

Images captured by the Hubble telescope reveal a mysterious clump of dark matter thought to be left behind after a massive galactic collision. But this dark matter isn't behaving in the way scientists expect dark matter to behave.
Too Much Information -nostalgic- Rehumanize Yourself

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Round Up Coverage -March 1

Protesters shut down most of UC Santa Cruz as students across Calif. protest education cuts and HuffPo has coverage of some drama that happened there.

Robert Reich- How to stop starving public colleges and shrinking the middle class

Update: Bay Area Campuses Participate in National Day of Action for Public Education

Bay Area campuses participate in national day of action for public education

Classes Disrupted As Bay Area College Students, Occupy Movement Team Up

soggy today- weather is supposed to get into the 70's for several days starting tomorrow.
Please read the details in this story to better understand the challenges transfer students and community college students face.

$860 million total value of bond offering- $400 million UCLA will receive

"Universities are sensible institutions to invest in because they tend to survive when large corporations or even nations might collapse"


"UC Berkeley has apparently shut down its administration building preemptively this morning. Activists have wrapped the building in crime-scene tape."

wrapped it in crime scene tape- now, that's a statement!

live blogging here and here.

UCLA All Over The Headlines...

UCLA Paying For The Defense Of Another Prof - Your Tuition Dollars At Work (how much goes out annually for this kind of thing?)... see: UCLA Political Science Professor Michael Lofchie Charged With Felony will UCLA say "the DA cannot win" again?
UCLA Students Targetted With Racially Charged Graffitti
Andrew Breitbart could not be revived at UCLA Med.-noticed he was not looking well in recent weeks,- did not agree with him on coverage of certain stories, tactics and agreed with him on others- he contributed much to creating new forums for engagement and innovations in delivery of news and opinion. Rest in peace.