Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Bad Juju"

On Sunday Morning:
Actions by Trustees, Inactions by Sacramento Fuel Outrage of Students
"In their hasty and ill-conceived defense, the university official on Wednesday conceded that the raises were "bad optics...bad juju" in light of budget cuts and enrollment restrictions,"

and see:
Supporting Student Loan Forgiveness Legislation

The New Tax Initiative and UC Funding

UC Review Backs Use Of Pepper Spray On Protesters
"It's scary," said Josh Anderson, a graduate student in English who took baton strikes to his head and torso. "This isn't an analysis; it's propaganda. It sounds like a tactical handbook for warfare against students."

This asks an interesting question: Finance?

Antidote for Bad Juju- and more to the point on the above:
Ain't Gonna Stand For It

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