Monday, March 12, 2012

"Berkeley made a decision to handle this as they saw fit,"

SF Chron covers it well: Cal Official Demoted, Improperly Gave Pay Raises

and Sac Bee includes Fleming's comments on the punishment of being made an -what is the latest euphemism?-- 'individual contributor'?-- while still getting to stay in roughly the same $$$,$$$ bracket- seems to be all the rage for lousy management--less/zero supervisory work with roughly the same pay...the AVC title is the most important thing afterall...and UC thinks that's a great deal-operationally excellent.

Daily Cal for some reason still does not have a handle on the story. Now they are covering it- with some funky comp analysis, maybe they should look a li'l deeper and clarify when they are using unit numbers or campus numbers etc with regard to population who received raises during economic downturn.

Still wondering why the term "hostile workplace" is no where in the coverage in the various stories. Fleming raises length of service in considering sanctions- what does length of service have to do with sanctions for this behavior? What kind of formula is used, what is the ratio? (5 years a graze, 10 years a pinch, 15 a kiss,tenure a... etc??!!)


  1. What bears further investigation is a trend that I noticed after we were furloughed: staff in select central offices, particularly Vice Chancellors' offices, received substantial pay raises the year before we were all furloughed. This was partially because the year before all of our positions had been redefined in a project called "Career Compass". Most of us just received a title change and exactly the same pay. Many staff in VC offices had a change of title and significantly higher pay as a result of this project. I think this was easy enough for them to accomplish because there may not be a set of expected roles in these offices. Academic departments will have Managers, Student Affairs Officers, etc. and their basic duties remain the same. There is much more flexibility in the VC offices, where duties might be reassigned on paper because there aren't as many regular, required functions. When the furloughs came the next year, VC office staff had already received such high wages that they were still earning more than they did the year before. Take a look at Caviezo's pay records on the site and you will see what I mean. Nobody I know was invited onto that gravy train!

  2. if you read the redacted internal investigation paper work it is interesting how they discuss the org charts and hrms/hrc data as it relates to the story-- it is as though those are in an alternate/parallel universe that no one paid heed to or updated etc. no one ran simple payroll reports to notice the changes? it seems it is as much about her superiors and the culture as it is about her- did the gravy train also have to do with an unspoken reward system for admins who pushed along the BP at UC deal?