Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brown Blunt On College Presidents and CSU Latest Raises

"I think there are a lot more people that can be college presidents, maybe even some of you," Brown said.

When asked if he could be one, Brown told reporters, "I have no doubt that I could be a college president, and I think a number of legislators could since basically it involves raising money, it involves being diplomatic with all the different constituencies, including the faculty and it takes some skill."

Brown said the salaries were inappropriate because students and average citizens are struggling.

"A lot of public employers think that they have to give pay raises, and I don't think so, because the average person has not gotten a pay raise, and the kids have been paying more in tuition," Brown said. "So I think they have to find ways of attracting people, and they have to widen the pool."

The blunt statement was made hours before the Cal State Board of Trustees considered approving annual salaries of more than $300,000 for the presidents of Cal State Fullerton, Mildred Garcia, and of East Bay, Leroy Morishita."

also see Sac Bee

All while this is happening: Cal State to close door on spring 2013 enrollment
a bit of good news possible on commmunity colleges from the UCDC folks: Community colleges in line for federal largesse
Lots of pieces at Daily Cal including on increases in patents etc. and:
Student reflections on shared governance
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an editorial from some students joining with the profs letter requesting an independent investigation of the RES debacle scandal outrage --the comments there also raise good points

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Even in the face of loss...seems like story after story of it...
Embrace Spring.

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