Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Come On Now...

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, a member of the committee, promises that Republicans will support Yee’s bill. “This will make trustees think twice about raising student fees or tuition because it would limit executive compensation,” he said. “It would also stop the practice of building up the value for college presidents and chancellors by capping the amount they can pay.”

Sure, Democrats will defeat Yee’s bill and pass Alquist’s hollow PR gambit. But, Republicans also deserve some of the blame for the bill’s defeat. GOP Senators should have championed Yee’s bill earlier in the process, signed up the entire caucus as co-authors and made it a central component of their March message. They didn’t because that idea never crossed their minds. Republican legislators don’t know how to win.

You have to read the whole thing.

Lawmakers reject bill to curb pay hikes at California public universities
Committee Protects The 1%, Condones CSU's Bad Behavior

"The bill would prohibit trustees from increasing any monetary compensation of an university executive officer for two years if fees were rising or state appropriations for the system were being reduced. It also would cap the salary increase for any new executive at 5 percent of that paid to his or her predecessor. And it would ask University of California regents to abide by the same rules, although the UC system is constitutionally independent."

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