Friday, March 30, 2012

Desperate But Not Serious...

Daily Cal makes clear that this thing extends to UC staff in Sacramento Government Relations Office:
"An email sent Nov. 8 to campus spokesperson Claire Holmes and other administrators from State Government Relations Director Kieran John Flaherty summarized the forum and called Hancock’s discussion of the 2009 Wheeler Hall occupation unfortunate." see Daily Cal for full story.

Vanguard Covers New Events At UC Davis and they follow up further on the story here.

New Video of Most Recent UC Regent Protest

This is many things other than comforting: Big Grant for Big Data

(this is an old headline that LA Times is covering instead of details on the latest UC Regents meeting for some reason)
California state colleges weigh asking students about sexual orientation

UC's leftist echo chamber drowns out diverse voices

How California's Colleges Indoctrinate Students
A new report on the UC system documents the plague of politicized classrooms. The problem is national in scope.

Here is the "Report Prepared for UC Regents" by the National Scholars and Californian Scholars Assn

An update, Provost Pitts and Bob Anderson respond to the report in the LA Times
LA Times doesn't mention it but:
UCSC's John Ellis wrote the piece along with Charles L. Geshekter, Chairman, CAS (Peter W. Wood, President, NAS and Stephen H. Balch, Chairman,NAS)

John Ellis wrote this piece previously: A Tangled Web At Berkeley

on his co-author... it looks like there is a Charles L. Geshekter from Chico State- teaches African History- discussing AIDS in this series on YouTube. The title of the series uses the term 'AIDS Dissident'.
Desperate But Not Serious

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