Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gilded Engagement

Last month, UC Davis had set up an "engagement team" that was made up of a police negotiator, professional mediator and Student Affairs representative, and they had visited the protest site regularly, warning protesters of the potential for criminal prosecution.

"The Vanguard asked specific questions about the engagement team, but was instead given stock information.

"The members of the engagement team serve as communicators between student protesters and administration. We convey and solicit questions, information and responses to questions between those involved in the particular protest event. Our main function is to serve as conduits for information exchange. We engage in dialogue as a means to determine interests and facilitate greater understanding of perspectives in support of resolution," the university told the Vanguard last week.

"The Engagement Team has provided bank occupiers with verbal and written information explaining that violations of student conduct standards may be referred to the Student Judicial Affairs office. Such cases may be resolved informally or through a formal hearing process, with potential penalties ranging from counseling to dismissal,"

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Remember the Gilded 36? Sac Bee covered it - their links to archive go bad quick, but here is some more background. Well, see this story: Will There Be a Pension Lawsuit Over the Cap for the Highly Paid?
Chris Edley and Co. are working on both efforts.
Once again:

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