Monday, March 12, 2012

Images and Ironies- A Cheshire Cat Grin and A Letter

many striking images coming in on the blog roll in recent days:

Students Sue UC Over Pepper Spray Interviews

really great still images of the March rally here

Cal's Center for Studies in Higher Ed - with all the emeriti

back slapping vs. critical university studies

there is a fixation on what gets on the book list -- but maybe the studies primarily (and most truthfully) reside in reading the news articles directly.

CSHE is holding this Executive Leadership Hispanic blah blah -could it be one of those 'pay us a few grand per person and add us to your CV' events? -complete with the link to the Claremont-typical- what does an organization like American Association for Hispanics in Higher Education mean to a Ramirez, Gomez or a Quintero -- or, is it just about getting your career/job title ticket stamped?

CSHE- recall peering down into the below foot level office windows, by South Hall - never saw anyone-- just a lot of empty desks, file cabinets, dingy not quite white yellow or beige paint, dirty glass -- never held events that engaged the staff or undergrads or anyone -studies in higher ed that completely avoided the middle and lower level staff narratives and undergrad narratives- a seemingly dead space, but active in certain circles and away from campus.

Yudof writes a letter with descriptors that do not match up to his cheshire mocking grin in this video -- something doesn't add up.

he wants lunch with UCOP staff

says he can't arrange to do the same with students and faculty who have participated in protests... why?

Justice Reynoso warns against the masses:“Having a complete distrust of the police department of this university, of this state.”

- but maybe we are already there (and not specifically with regard to police but to the entire 'system')

the first link above is to a youtube video where a student says "the system doesn't really work for us"

a quote that keeps getting repeated over and over with each new story...

we are already there.
Mr. World Bank answers? questions about Cal's Budget.

The Millionaires Tax is being pitted against social service groups that serves Californians in crisis, sorry to be redundant Californian=crisis. Don't know what is true- but both sides need to get out and educate. Gov talked to SF Chron and others about it. Neon Tommy also covers it.

Looks like he did not reappoint two UC Regents - so, he now has three UC Regent positions to fill...

The CA Dem tent is so big-- now meaningless?? Seems being deep blue isn't helping to fix things. There needs to be a third party?!- there already is, we just don't know its name or power yet.

A UC author gets referred to as an 'authoress', things happening to flags, controversial speakers getting different types of treatment,-- and we find out CA was a major pusher of eugenics, served as a model in fact but CNN can't even get a comment from a CA official, just an old generic apology letter from Gray Davis. No one wants to talk about it.
We have to figure this out. CA images.

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