Monday, March 12, 2012

Impartial, Objective, Being Made An Example, or Intimidation

what does justice look like in these instances?:
updateII: Blame it on the shared services (remember UCOP made RES the role model for shared services, just before RES crashed and burned for a summer and fall from the BFS upgrade?):"UC officials said the rapid increase in Caniezo's pay was justified given the "explosive growth" in the office's size and responsibilities." ROFLMAO

update: (HuffPo has a photo of Leite w/ Ann Jeffrey when they worked on the BP at UC deal-Jeffrey is now chief of staff to VC Wilton and not a part of the story- the photo and the headline are confusing, hopefully they change it soon.)
UC Berkeley manager demoted over improper raises -- interestingly, this is the same manager who penned a brave open letter mildly critical of the new BFS system when RES Ops were suffering through the transition. Coincidence? There was a UCSF Dean...

UCLA political science Professor Michael Lofchie charged with felony --more here

--there is something nagging about these cases...why them? alot of this sort of thing goin' on - sometimes condoned, rewarded, even encouraged--so why them? why slap their wrists (where one gets a cut from about $188,000 to $175,000... and the other charged with a felony) specifically? Or, is it a sign that now 'policies' are going to be 'enforced'?

and in other news: Berkeley Faculty Association calls for Birgeneau to condemn criminal charges against Nov. 9 protesters -one of the key figures also plays role in this story.
more on the petition drive here.
Its a violation of the First Amendment, Let's be perfectly clear

California lawmakers under fire in university budget battles

Off-Scale Salaries and the Privatization of the University

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