Thursday, March 22, 2012

In the land of UCSF...

No doctors or dentists at several stations has caused needy patients to be sent away for this effort today.
Empty fully equipped stations just in need of docs and nurses etc.
If you can help or want to help: here is a link.

with Stanford, University of the Pacific, and many others etc just down the road.
Some potential patients sent away today w/out care are from as far away as Napa...they were not given numbers or appts for later-they will have to try line up for care later this weekend if they are able to.
Same thing happened in LA a few months ago...why?
Doesn't higher ed - both private and public-realize this is good training and potentially good PR opportunity within the communities where their campuses are located?

Remember the UC Regent who claimed he was a dem and slammed 'Obamacare' all the time- oh yeah, he isn't a regent anymore but some of the others who joined in those sorts of comment still are...

read this: To stay fiscally healthy, state's hospitals want fewer patients

Hospitals want Stay Away too...

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