Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Operational Exodus and Brain Drain

those are some of the labels that we place on posts from time to time.

but over the last two days the administration has given us a front row seat to how it plays out:

Yesterday, Regent De La Pena chaired a meeting where the UC Regents were informed about how the medical billing/coding practices at the student health centers have been handled lo these many years they have been in operation- some vocational school students could speak to how medical billing/appt coding is important-- but some of this discussion seemed like this was new info to the folks in charge- it was chilling...what have folks been doing all this time? There have been high priced leadership at the student health centers for decades- what were they doin'?! De La Pena has to point this out to them?

There also was a rather desultory presentation on the Healthcare Affordability Act as it relates to UC med. And then there was Regent Pattiz going on and on at points in time when he prolly shoulda just let the presenters-- present...

Today, Regent Makarechian and Regent Newsom were long suffering through a presentation about the proposed UCLA conference center (the plans were CPRA requested by the UCLA Faculty Assn but they did not receive the items timely from UC admins in advance of the meeting- go to their blog to read the history)-- anyway, Makarechian asked some basic questions about transferability of funding etc. that could not be answered- the regents said they needed answers to these questions, but no answers- then the regents were asked to approve the action item so that UCLA would not lose the gift-- even though the Regents did not have questions answered about the design either -- then, Makarechian tried to meet them more than half way and asked how much funding do you need 'til the May meeting when we can look at this item and vote after you give us more answers at the May meeting-- guess what happened?- UCLA folks said 'we need $10.2 million til May'- Regent M said he thought that was way too much for such a short period of time- a few minutes later (literally!) the UCLA folks said 'okay we just need $3 million' - Regent M and Gavin got a li'l annoyed at that point- 'due respect but' and they told the UCLA folks "get serious, sharpen the pencils" -" You guys just went from $10 to $3 million in under a few minutes" "you're just throwing darts on the wall" etc.

So - as incredible as that exchange on the UCLA conference center was --then, went over to Daily Cal where they have several stories on the happs at the UC Regents meeting- but what we found instead was this as the headline: UC Berkeley administration’s Occupy Cal emails released

with this in the story: "In one email to Birgeneau and Breslauer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Claire Holmes referred to a well-known protester as “dumpster muffin” while in another message campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof states his desire to send the protesters “on a slow boat to Sacramento.”

all of the administrators mentioned in these stories are making well into the six figures and these folks are coming off -- way bad-- not the A team at the helm- anywhere it seems...

Dumpster muffins and those on a slow boat to Sacto and all others are being asked by Daily Cal to flag any interesting email exchanges they find in this latest release...

Daily Cal stories on UC Regents meeting here and here

try to listen to audio archive of this month's uc regents meeting if you can- and decide for yourself.

it is a hot mess at UC.

Fiat Lux.

Remaking takes a serious look at the UCLA issue Net Negatives of Private Fundraising
and once again UCLA Fac Blog covers the UC Regents Meetings in: this post and this post.

a final thought-perhaps a takeaway- for those UCLA admins who presented today: if the faculty are willing to look at your draft in advance of grading-- you should take them up on it.

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  1. "Dumpster Muffin" was the self-chosen nickname of one of the Berkeley tree sitters. She was just a kid in her early 20s; I watched her perch at the top of a tall redwood tree in defiance while people in cranes tried to forcibly remove her. I wish Berkeley faculty and staff had the spirit of the tree sitters in order to mount an organized resistance to some of the excesses of the proposed Shared Services. But we are all older, with families who need health care, and we will cling to whatever they give us for as long as we can. No Dumpster Muffins here.....