Friday, March 23, 2012

So Much To

round up, but see: Questions linger as regents consider new UCLA conference center plan

CSU is now calling for increasing the diversity of stakeholders who serve as trustees and many other tacts that those of us concerned about UC have long been calling for- highly recommend this piece and the white paper- see how it relates to UC: California State University Leaders Modeling The “People’s University” After The “For-Profit Education Sector”
“For-Profit Higher Education and the California State University: A Cautionary Tale,”

Daily Cal for many stories on the upcoming UC Regents Meeting, OE and multiple other stories

also, check out the FAQ tab and Bloglist for other links to info...
Cal's Jennifer Granholm expressed it well on Trayvon. -- but there is so much to-- say, do, feel, process, grieve.

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