Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Disparate Explanations

two disparate explanations- ya know kinda like when they violated Bagley Keene at the regents meeting with that filmmaker and the UC spokespeople were saying...two disparate explanations, well see:UC Violates Law In Delaying Pepper-Spray Report Release, Experts Say -- pls note this is about UC Davis and not about: a similar story published today by Daily Cal about UC Berkeley- or about the other story today about: the academic senate and faculty associations CPRA requests that were unfulfilled-- hard to keep up...
Deepening Chill In Berkeley: A Recap of Political Repression Against Campus Protest

and feel free to sign this petition - it is open to all- but recall another petition where there are over 115,000+ signatures calling for Linda Katehi to resign and...

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