Friday, March 23, 2012

UC Shared Services, Student Services and other OE items

OE shared services likely coming to your UC campus based on this Cal model, so: view the broadcast to get a sense of how it might play out where you are:
Timekeeping (Timesheets)- Begins
IT Productivity (includes student STC participants): 30:00
Shared Services (includes faculty): 1:17
High Performance Culture 2:16
Student Services 2:50
Cal Planning (Budget) 3:20
Data Mngmnt 3:50
IT Governance 4:25

Energy Savings and Purchasing- Procure to Pay Reporting is also covered in a separate link.

**the schedule descriptions and other background also available: here**

(Lots and lots of tech glitches and choppy editing- how long does one need to stare at a powerpoint slide to intro a new session?- but worth viewing if you are working or studying on a UC campus. Shared Services section had some meaningful faculty-staff exchanges.

The disappointing part: lots of "it will be" --chicken in every pot dreams of how it will be in the future,"concrete mantras" on perf mngmnt w/ a pic of MLK,oy, 'answers in the foyer', --and lots of stuff that was supposedly already addressed and fixed in previous years- that alot of $$$$$ already went out for-- but apparently not cuz it is getting more $$$$$ to try to fix it again...many have seen the dog and pony show before.)

Lots of IT stuff in the items above - one of the head IT guys resigned around the same time as Chancellor Birgeneau.
Along with the IT stuff above consider this ode to UC: Repress U, Class of 2012: 7 Steps to a Homeland Security Campus


  1. Shared Services intends on "rapturing" Human Resources, financial processing and many IT services out of departments where staff have worked for years and putting them in cubicles, in one, huge, so far hypothetical building. Everything will be based on metrics: how many people you can hire in an hour, how satisfied your "customers" are, etc. Your pay raises will be based on these statistics and even seniority will take second place to your metrics. Most staff are in the kinds of positions where they are expected to work until their work is completed, so if Shared Services is understaffed the burden will fall upon those at the bottom. Departments will be forced to comply, nobody can opt out just because their current arrangement is as efficient as they would like it to be. Maybe all this sounds great to you MBAs out there, but for most of us staff, it sounds like we are guaranteed a life of over-work and stress.

    I work in a small department where everyone multi-tasks, and there is no way someone outside of the department could efficiently accomplish what we do within the department, because we have worked together for years, know the department's traditions, needs, faculty personalities, etc. We are the ones who welcome new graduate students and visitors and put in extra effort to do things right....not because of metrics but out of loyalty to the mission of our program.

    I hope that the economy picks up and UC gets the kind of staff it deserves!

  2. don't you think it is likely that the shared services group will go into the ol' Powerbar building? SPO, HR are there. And-most importantly, Haas and ERSO have a new research endeavor in the penthouse there-- so... it seems it would follow...

  3. Yes, we have been taking bets on the Powerbar building. Rather convenient, in case you have to drop off hard copies of anything it's right by the BART entrance. Research Enterprise Services ended up there as well, and I've heard that the Chase Bank at ground level is moving elsewhere.

    Then we started speculating that, once you move everyone successfully off site, and there is a system of electronic requests and scanned documents in place, what's to stop the administration from outsourcing these services to other countries?

  4. Perhaps the key part of it is not the outsourcing offshore (which is less likely, just heavy attrition of represented staff)-- perhaps the key part is that a lot of staff would be removed from viewing what the monetary transactions are or are not paying for-- less eyes around. That is attractive to some. Just something to thing about.

  5. one more thing-- central HR shared services has grown a lot since it was started a year ago- they started that by claiming only a dozen FTE needed- now, much more than that dozen and still recruiting for newly created positions.
    if the same thing happens with this other shared services launch-- well, where are the folks going to go -- and what is the true level of savings? where is the efficiency metric really?

  6. The OE people envision the development of some wonderful, high tech systems that will take the place of people. They have decided to push through a lot of changes now, before these systems have been created, perhaps with the thought that then we will be forced to create them. And if it all doesn't work out? Well, the people who are at the head of all this OE stuff will have successfully padded their resumes and moved on to bigger and better things.