Monday, March 5, 2012

UCD Report Delayed, Thoughts From Student Regent, Coverage

Public release of UC Davis pepper spray task force report postponed!
Here is the UCOP statement
and SF Chron and Daily Cal has more

Slate has a story on UC compensation focused on UCD - great chart- but the reporter's description of his exchange with UCOP -- receiving limited answers and non responsive action-- was disturbing but not surprising, given all of the other incidents other bloggers (including faculty and emeritus faculty) have also experienced.. no reply at all.
UCSD Guardian State of the University discussion on the UC Regents with quotes from the student regent.

The student regent designate also gave an interview. -- it is customary not to speak during the first UC Regent meeting (this breaks down to a quarter of the meetings of the student regent's one year term.) -- seriously? when did that become a custom? there have only been two student regents so far... (update- actually the position goes back to 1975-- but the 'custom'??!!)
Coverage of Capitol Rally and Protest



NBC local

ABC local

Davis Vanguard - great 'mall shot' panoramic photo of crowd and lots of behind the scenes legislation and politics mentioned.
also check out recent posts from the UCLA Fac Assn - one recent post concerns another consultant project - this one could cost half a million dollars for a campus climate survey...and some comments on the politics of the capitol rally.

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