Thursday, March 1, 2012

UCLA All Over The Headlines...

UCLA Paying For The Defense Of Another Prof - Your Tuition Dollars At Work (how much goes out annually for this kind of thing?)... see: UCLA Political Science Professor Michael Lofchie Charged With Felony will UCLA say "the DA cannot win" again?
UCLA Students Targetted With Racially Charged Graffitti
Andrew Breitbart could not be revived at UCLA Med.-noticed he was not looking well in recent weeks,- did not agree with him on coverage of certain stories, tactics and agreed with him on others- he contributed much to creating new forums for engagement and innovations in delivery of news and opinion. Rest in peace.


  1. UCLA's Lofchie is unlikley to have made an innocent error if he influenced hiring his wife. Prof Lofchie chaired the committee reviewing faculty ethics, including financial nepotism. So, he must have fully understood the rules. Why does the UCLA legal office (Kevin Reed) seem to think the rules don't apply? It would cost about $6 mill a year if each UCLA faculty member did this- it is not trivial.

  2. Thanks Anonymous... Finally someone who sees the BIG picture. I don't think this is an "innocent error" either, if Lofchie didn't know his actions might be considered a "conflict of interest" after over 30 years of teaching and service at UCLA, he has either lost his mind or never paid attention to the constant reminders from administration! I know Mike personally and he more than likely just figured no one would come after him over such a small amount of money! He knows as well as everyone else does that this type of action is a common occurrence among faculty who always want favors for their relatives.

  3. if you know mike personally then you would know what an amazing professor he is, and just how many students lives he had changed. That applies especially to the study abroad program. Even if he did hire his wife, does it really matter in the BIG PICTURE? over such a small amount of money...? Clearly this cop has something personal going on, maybe along the lines of hero-syndrom, as in, not being one compared to Lofchie.


    UCLA summa cum laude

  4. don't know if politics is at play or what
    he has students who like him to be sure
    on the amount -- recall this story

    and consider what makes each different- or not

    ultimately, there are operational failures - a lack of check and balances in the process and yet the management wants to be paid as though they are cream of the crop -- that is the heart of the problem.