Saturday, March 3, 2012


In the staffcentric realm there are three pieces you might want to look at:

Mark Yudof answers questions- or tries to- for an hour.

HR UCOP Head DeWayne Duckett for an hour+ - a pdf of his comments also available here. He starts answering questions sent on line at the 15:00 mark. His comments on senior execs wanting greater tools for performance appraisals of senior admin/managers was interesting, and his comments on equity in many areas were also interesting. The answers he gave on parity in educational benefits for staff was a bit perplexing though.

The questions are on finances, benefits, in depth on retirement, and protests etc.

While there, you might also want to see Dean Edley's latest talk on Civil Rights since he is attempting to fill a role on the UC protest investigations, it looks like he is given a long intro by Yudof... --maybe watch for a compare and contrast...civil rights in theory from a podium vs. civil rights in action at UC. Have not viewed it-- but there it is...

This from Daily Cal on the OE Roll On at Cal
The Governor makes clear his position on UCR med -- but still no word from him on the two UC Regent positions.
Love it.
UC Davis folks are going to try to recreate collisions in order to explain this:
Galactic Collision Creates Mysterious 'Dark Core'

Images captured by the Hubble telescope reveal a mysterious clump of dark matter thought to be left behind after a massive galactic collision. But this dark matter isn't behaving in the way scientists expect dark matter to behave.
Too Much Information -nostalgic- Rehumanize Yourself

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