Wednesday, April 4, 2012

$3 Million and Lots and Lots of 'Change'

Jim Mora set to become highest-paid coach in UCLA history
Mora will get a five-year deal not to exceed $3 million annually in base salary and talent fees (including TV and radio appearances and apparel contracts). He will receive a yearly pay increase not to exceed 5% of the base pay and talent fee combined.

Rick Neuheisel, fired in December, had a five-year contract that paid $1.25 million per season with performance-based incentives that could have taken it as high as $1.75 million. UCLA basketball coach Ben Howland makes $2.04 million in guaranteed compensation annually.

Mora’s contract also includes a signing bonus, not to exceed $1 million, that will be tied to his annual salary. The higher the base pay and talent fee, the lower the bonus.

A set of performance-based incentives -- not to exceed $1 million -- is included, as well as up to $100,000 for summer camps. Mora’s contract is also expected to include a retention bonus, which can be as high as $350,000; a low-interest home loan; up to two vehicles; and a country club membership.

A strange photo of Sherry Lansing accompanies this piece: Colleges skimp on science, spend big on diversity

Thinking of Martin today.
So, with that and expressions of Holy Week all around, it is U2/Pride.

Serious times right now- all around- lots of loss- need to change the mood- love this photo:Live long and prosper.

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