Friday, April 13, 2012

An 'Adaptation' from UC Regent Blum

UC Regent Blum hits up the Daily Cal to post 'an adaptation of his comments at the UC Regents meeting' (they should have charged him $200,000 to do it- and solved their probs--Blum talks about how Yudof brought efficiencies to UCOP- all that happened was that low folks on the totem pole got cut or handed more work and the high priced UCOP bloat got sent to the campuses.)

He fails to also mention in his Daily Cal piece that he said in that same regent meeting that UC should sue the State as part of his comments- and got a bunch of other UC Regents to sing that same refrain- that is the 'adaptation'.

Listen to the UC Regents meeting where he said that stuff for yourself with your own ears. The comments occur on the last day toward the end of the meeting.

Dooley thinks taking a moment when we are seeing all the levels of failure is a good moment to start saying UC is going to be a model to be emulated? really?

"Dan Dooley, Senior Vice President in the UC Office of the President responded, "The report acknowledges both in the findings the mistakes that were made..." He continued, "With respect to the police department," he said they asked the same question as earlier, why was this weapon available that was supposedly not authorized and the officers untrained on, "how can this happen? The bottom line is, we think, there needs to be a complete review from top to bottom of the police department, of the training that's required, the procedures and protocols..."

He said that their objective is "a university public safety operation that is a model for university campuses around the country and not one that is designed around the... [traditional] model ."
-- the 'traditional model' did not cause this mess... who does he think is buying it?
the students who got sprayed? batoned?
the wanna be students who were told they were admitted but weren't?
the students who likely now have checking acct nightmares b/c of fin aid misshaps? The people who read the Reynoso report or the Kroll report?


and then there is George Miller and ideas from Perez-and Skinner...

an honest conversation about the state being an unreliable partner to UC
also requires that the honest conversation be about how UC is sometimes an unreliable partner to Californians too.

Vanguard has more on a Davis AVC and how the Bank issue ties up to the Pepper issue and on the Chief.

Changing U takes up the gender and racial aspects on this too.

More reaction from pols.

Reynoso needs to take a closer look at Katehi history- but seems he is trying to be diplomatic.

Did not realize it - but the pepper spray report makes it clear--
alumni are considered non affiliates to UC
-dangerous others to the admin at Davis- umkay, so you know what to do with those fundraising letters don't you? In the report you will note that this admin group thinks the students are "their kids, their children" their "friends" etc. etc. -- but they never regard them as what a privatized model would regard them as: their customers.

Same as it ever was.

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