Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Staff Livelihoods At Stake, that's all

'so, let's play like it is Monopoly money':

Shared services project to save millions less than originally estimated

'cuz we are the high priced leadership that can't be found anywhere else...'

while there- scroll down the home page of the Daily Cal they printed photos of the 14 involved in picking the next Cal Chancellor-- does it look like diversity to you?
LA Times Larry Gordon covers the Center for Higher Ed paper Birgeneau and crew wrote-- but that crew should spend some serious time looking at the shared services numbers above-- right now, to borrow a line or two from the UC Regents (to Chancellor Block and his crew on the hotel conference center) - it looks like Cal folks are "throwing darts at the wall"... "get serious and sharpen the pencils". In the case of shared services much more involved than just a leap from 10 million dollars to 3 million dollars (in under 3 minutes while a capital project is in early conception only phase, mind you)--nope, shared services model is going to be exported to the entire UC system and that means decisions about whether or not certain folks are going to have a job at UC is involved, so...
btw, the last bit of audio from the UC Regents meeting is now available

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