Saturday, April 14, 2012

Katehi Apparently Does Not Understand Kroll or Reynoso Reports

Kroll spelled it out clearly, once again- Kroll Report (within Reynoso report) Page 47: "Having said that, our key finding bears repeating. While the deployment of the pepper spray on the Quad at UC Davis on November 18, 2011 was flawed, it was the systemic and repeated failures in the civilian, UC Davis Administration decision-making process that put the officers in the unfortunate situation in which they found themselves shortly after 3 p.m. that day"

Katehi takes that and decides to spin it this way, note how she mentions police first and administration second: "The Reynoso task force report illuminated clearly and sharply the need for major reform of campus police operations and better coordination, collaboration and communication within the UC Davis administration "

Then, she mentions personnel decisions with regard to police internal affairs: "internal affairs inquiries (so-called “I. A.’s”) into officer conduct have been ongoing and are nearing completion. These inquiries will inform personnel decisions."


Of greatest concern are the personnel decisions being made on: Katehi's position.

see her "message to campus"
On CA Education history, access to higher ed and Occupy Oakland-- it is Bill Moyers and Angela Glover Blackwell -- but Davis senior admins might find it all too frightening...too much otherness for them-- too much like Berkeley, she is from Oakland eegggadddss. Angela Glover Blackwell might be a 'non affiliate' to them -- and also might be on the short list for potential new UC Regent.
watched Naturally Obsessed-The Making Of A Scientist again recently and loved it all over.
More on the Skinner Perez presentation.

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