Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More on Katehi OC or peppa, Birgeneau white paper and more

Katehi's Role in November 18th Pepper Spray Event -- is it OC or Peppa?
Changing Universities on Understanding Financial Aid: Not Easy
University Probe on Occupy Education in N. California
Transcript of Birgeneau interview on increasing autonomy of campuses
Meetings upon Meetings:The administrative mindset in academe
and lots of UC and Cali folks covered here.
yes, that could indeed be someone's maybe Irish and/or Indian Native American grandma-- see the thing is --with Cali-- there is a thing called the the ocean next to it-and rivers and streams- many Baja and Cali tribes ate fish, not just corn or fried dough or beans etc.- appreciate the desire for research but the profs need to tell their counsel to keep the quotes on people's 'grandma' classy, just sayin':

Dispute erupts over ancient human remains found at UCSD

cuz you know UC will be hittin' up the Indian tribes for $$$$$ any and every time they can -- in the name of research and the academic mission --of course...btw, did these bones come from under the UCSD Chancellor house?

Diggin Up Bones
and for a certain li'l one

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