Sunday, April 29, 2012

Occupy The Farm Is Not About Stanford...

or is it?

At Cal: Online-education oversight group announced

Also, Modernizing the UC Governance- Governance paper prescriptions are not strong enough to solve fiscal problems on UC campuses

and this: UC Berkeley issues open letter concerning ‘Occupy the Farm'

On Pepper/OC there is this: "A recent report on an incident involving pepper spraying of student demonstrators at the University of California-Davis points to a failure of academic management. But it does not identify the underlying reason for the failure. An alternative interpretation and recommendation is presented in this Mitchell's Musing." you can read the piece here as a pdf.

And Davis Vanguard brings up some new names in the UC Davis Pepper/OC spray matter-- in their commentary.

While at Daily Cal - thought it was strange to see an ad for "Wanted Genius Egg Donor" that supposedly links back to Stanford alumni- they want Cal genius eggs? another meaning to 'Occupy The Farm' - take a look for yourself while there.

ah, the habitable zone.

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