Monday, April 23, 2012

Rebel Without A Campus

on his way out- Chancellor B wants to stir it up?
UC Berkeley officials release controversial plan to increase campus autonomy
Yudof expresses disapproval of plan to create boards that would have more control over campus-based issues
or, perhaps some at Cal just see the moves UCSF is making and want in on the action...
autonomy for all?

Modernizing Governance at UC - Breslauer, King, Wilton, Yeary join in on the action- new ideas are refreshing, but have to read it through- it runs about 15 pages.

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  1. The system-wide guys fear local (campus level) control for three reasons.
    1) loss of central authority
    2) unyielding belief in 'operations research', not only that OR necessarily allows valuable insight into otherwise impenetrable chaos, but that bigger is always better. That OR carried out at the system-wide level produces an understanding - and therefore a possible implementation - which is inherently superior to the product of the same methods applied at the campus-wide level.
    3) loss of revenue stream/loss of control of revenue stream

    Ultimately all of this derives from ego and individual economic self-interest. Administrators have forgotten that they exist to facilitate the research/educational mission of the institution, a statement which implies subservience to faculty (the life blood of the university). Administrators' misconceptions of their own roles are more pronounced at UCOP than on individual campuses, in part b/c no education or research of note takes place at UCOP.

    The governing power once belonging to the faculty has been usurped by the administrative bureaucracy. That bureaucracy fears that its hold on power is tenuous, and jealously guards that power.

    Unrelated (well sort of): ever read 'The 4th Turning'?