Tuesday, April 10, 2012

“Regretfully, there hasn’t been the best communication with the chancellor and Berkeley’s local or state elected officials,”

- why is that the case when there is a whole unit of high paid staff that is supposed to promote governmental relations on behalf of Cal and the Chancellor? -maybe it points to something else other than just communications.

Emails reveal potentially tense relationship between administration, legislators

The UC Regents Covenant-interesting the context in which those words are applied...

Pepper report release likely on Wednesday around 3:30pm at UC Davis-- the report will be available around noon see more on that and other details here.

There is also this going on at UC Davis.

The UC Budget and the Damage Done

A round up of links

The self described 'manager of a cemetery' who said the 'shine is off of education' etc. now has this: from @mark_yudof bit.ly/HjlF09 : "I agree with voters: Education is a “top-tier issue” in 2012 election, and is key to getting economy back on track."

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