Friday, April 20, 2012

Some Changes In Leadership, Reporting At UC Davis

See: UC Davis Appoints Carmichael to Succeed Spicuzza, As Interim Police Chief
-- Carmichael's education and AVC Meyers are highlighted in the story.
In the comments section of this story also note interesting questions about developments at The Aggie-the UCD student newspaper- esp since Daily Cal's independence has also recently come into question. Coincidence?
"It’s fascinating to learn that major donor Li Ka-shing is China’s richest citizen and that Forbes ranks him as the ninth richest man in the world. His fortune includes a majority holding in Husky Energy, the Canadian oil mining and exploration company that has entered into a multi-billion dollar joint venture with BP called the Sunrise Oil Sands Project (a major proponent of the Keystone Pipeline) in Alberta, Canada.

Across Oxford Street, in the Downtown area, stands the nearly finished Helios Energy Research Facility. This approximately 63,600 square foot building is also five stories tall and also rises above 100 feet. It will accommodate the university’s precedent-setting $500 million research agreement with BP — Mr. Li’s partner in the Tar Sands venture.

The agreement was negotiated in 2007, without informed public debate, by then-LBNL director Steven Chu and the current U.S. Secretary of Energy."

read the full thing here.

(now some may be thinking that Birgeneau is Canadian..and about that Solyndra thing but really the city issues are interesting too)
here is Birgeneau on sustainability

Shortell wants to talk Occupy and public health - also note: "On the east side of Oxford Street stands UC’s Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences. It rises five stories (yet stands over 100 feet in height for electrical connectors, pipes and air ducts in the labs), spreading out over an area of around 200,000 square feet."

there also is that Keystone pipeline and ALEC aspect too, speaking of....
Cal's and (-in part- also Canada's) Jennifer Granholm (former Gov of Michigan) and ALEC??!-- another perspective worth reading. -- hopefully she addresses it all at Current.
UCLA doctor sues regents, alleging racial bias
Dr. Christian Head says the university failed to prevent harassment. He says he was humiliated by a graduation night faculty roast and has suffered retaliation for filing complaints.
ps the other day--John Chambers of Cisco was on Charlie Rose and said Canada is the best place for business in the world...hhmmmm.
if you have written a book and have an extra copy around consider signing it and donating it: here- and a question for those who occupy a movement:- wonder if any of these folks will each donate a signed copy to the cause?

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